ministry of defense/ joesco bastion

Who is JOESCO?

JOESCO is one manufacturer in North city of China, we are special for defense bastion production. The production area is more than 3000m2, with employee 150 person.

We are the only factory who got China government defense bastion patent. Our customer are all over the world, mostly of them is NATO, US military, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq,Russian, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Senegal and so on. We got good reputations back from customers.

What is JOESCO camp bastion?

JOESCO barrier have 12 different sizes, each JOESCO Barriers unit is designed to adapt to every conceivable fortification requirement and to any military circumstance.

QS 1, 1.37X1.06X5.3M, 5cell/setQS 2, 0.61X0.61X1.22M, 2 cell/setQS 3, 1.0X1.0X5.0M, 5 cell/setQS 4, 1.0X1.52X5.0M, 5 cell/setQS 5, 0.61X0.61X3.05M, 5 cell/setQS 6, 1.68X0.61X3.05M, 5 cell/setQS 7, 2.21X2.13X10.65M, 5 cell/setQS 8, 1.37X1.22X5.0M, 5 cell/setQS 9, 1.0X0.76X4.56M, 6 cell/setQS 10, 2.21X1.52X7.6M, 5 cell/setQS 12, 2.13X1.06X5.3M, 5 cell/setQS 1.9, 2.74X1.06X3.18M, 3 cell/set

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