Flood barrier safety sand wall army protection line JOESCO

JOESCO Hebei Metal Products Inc. Started from 1998. Mainly products is JOESCO Defense Barrier, anti climbing wall and razor barbed wire.

JOESCO workshop area is 4000 square meters. It has the basic production machinery, such as: heavy-duty wire drawing machine, high-pressure automatic welding machine, hot-dip galvanizing production line, etc. Total machines are 31 sets. JOESCO has a good production capacity to ensure all the products quality excellent. JOESCO has the complete testing and measuring equipment, such as aging test bench, tensile testing machine, etc. Pre-factory testing and after-sales maintenance ability is reliable. JOESCO warehouse is 5000 square meters with a number of  loading and unloading equipment, such as forklifts and crane. Also with loading platform and lighting conditions inside, can be shipped in the whole day.

 JOESCO Defense barrier had won a national patent in 2012, and has passed many kinds of explosion-proof tests in the western war zone of the PLA. Because of comparing with the European products, JOESCO defense barrier has same quality  but low price, JOESCO had been selected as a necessary item for the explosion-proof facilities of military barracks by the MOD of Italy, Spain, also several Arabic countries and Kenya. In the United States, JOESCO popular with local shooting range, and in Thailand, local civilian facilities damage were reduced by JOESCO during the flood period of 2012. JOESCO has been selected as a training and teaching facility by a number of military academies in China, and a number of Chinese peacekeeping camps, Chinese Embassies selected as an infrastructure security facility.

Because JOESCO specializes in the production of defense barrier and Related products that together use with, so the technology has been excellence. JOESCO has special designers to design different advanced professional protective supporting security facilities that according to the different sites situation. For example, the shooting offensive watchtower is designed by JOESCO engineer which based on the complex military environment of one Arabic country. It has been widely adopted in military camps at home and abroad now.

Now China has many factory announced that they can produce HESCO and they always print HESCO logo on their rubbish military barriers. But British HESCO has no agent in China. So we can called this China HESCO as fake hesco. Fake HESCO has very very bad quality, but very good price. It is good for the middle man broken the reputation in the end user, and very best for killing the end user life. So when you choice China Fake HESCO think about you will get what you pay for. 

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