army support/ wire mesh/ defense bastion

What is JOESCO defense bastion?JOESCO defense bastion is made with heavy gauge hot dip galvanized iron wire mesh, lined with heavy duty non-woven polypropylene, connected with metal wire spring to keep the defense bastion steady.

Why choose JOESCO as your supplier?1. JOESCO is the only one manufacturer got patent from China government.2.JOESCO team has strong designing and experience which can design different anti-explosion fortifications and flood protection project according to customer’s requirement.3. JOESCO hebei metal have installation engineer help local customer do installation job together.4. JOESCO warm welcome all customer pay us commercial visit.

What's the use of JOESCO defense bastion?

Military base perimeter use: Joesco defense bastion is huge earth-filled bags, such as multiple cabin offices, living and dining quarters, command and communications posts or field hospitals, fire station, police force with all-round protection from both ground level and overhead attack.The bomb-proof bags protect our brother and sister's life in conflict.

Flood defense use: JOESCO Barrier units are ideally suited for protection against the effects of flooding and erosion. Because the units arrive are lined with a geotextile membrane,structures can be quickly and easily built to replacement the traditional sandbags,filling materials can typically found at eroded sites such as a sand, rocks and gravel.

Civilian protection use: JOESCO Barrier are now being adopted by governments and authorities to protect sensitive civilian installations particularly at risk from terrorist attack, such as embassies, consulates, government buildings, oil refineries, power stations and sports stadia.

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