defense bastion

What you could get from JOESCO?

advantage of joesco defence barrier

What you could get from JOESCO?

  • JOESCO is the only one manufacturer got patent from China government.
  • JOESCO team has strong designing and experience which can design different anti-explosion fortifications and flood protection project according to customer’s requirement.
  • JOESCO hebei metal have installation engineer help local customer do installation job together.
  • JOESCO warm welcome all customer pay us commercial visit.

Advantage of defense bastion compare with traditional sand bag?

The main advantage of JOESCObarriers, strongly contributing to their popularity with troops and flood fighters, is the quick and easy setup. Previously, people had to fill sandbags, a slow undertaking, with one worker filling about 20 sandbags per hour. Workers using JOESCO barriers and a front end loader can do ten times the work of those using sandbags.

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