joesco sand bags

Similarities and differences of HESCO and JOESCO

hesco and joesco introduction

What similarities and differences of hesco () and joesco. Similarities has good quality, long life service, good after-sell service. Difference has difference packing way, but joesco packing way already accept by UN, United states, Spain, Italy, Saudi, Egypt.

Since 15 years ago, JOESCO packing way has gradually and gradually to replace other famous brand defense barrier's packaging way. And already widely accepted by the United Nations, the United States, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa countries. Because of the unique packing way not only save the packing time, but also save discharge time and effort. Full use container space, so that the end user spends the same freight fee to get more goods in the hand. Made the customer profits highest as can. This is why JOESCO always wins the tenders of UN, Egypt,etc. Same quality, of course we should choose the one with lower cost.


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