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Milipol paris stand No. 6/6F234--JOESCO

Milipol paris at Nov 21th-25th,stand No. 6/6F234

We are in Milipol paris at Nov 21th-25th, welcome your visit.

Joesco hebei metal products inc. is one factory who produce defence barrier in China. The defense bastion is with military grade. We have the newest ISO 9001:2008 certification. The quality passed China PLA and abroad ministry of defence test.It's made of strong welding point gabion mesh and heavy duty blast-proof geotextile. The geotextile color could be military green, beige, olive or as customer request. The mainly feature is blast-proof, waterproof, fire-proof, rapid deployment. It could be used for border security, blast-proof wall,military sand wall.

Following is the speciation sheet:

Wire Diameter: 4.0mm, 5.0mmSpring Wire Diameter: 4.0mm (4 pieces/cell, 6 pieces/cell)Mesh Hole: 76.2mm×76.2mm,75mm×75mmDefense Bastion Dimension:4'6''*3'6''*32' (1*4+1*5=9 cells/set)2'*2'*4' (2 cells/set)3'3''*3'3''*32' (2*5=10 cells/set)3'3''*5'*32' (2*5=10 cells/set)2'*2'*10' (5 cells/set)5'6''*2'*10' (5 cells/set)7'3''*7'*90' (2*4+1*5=13 cells/set)4'6''*4'*32' (1*4+1*5=9 cells/set)Geotextile: In heavy duty non-woven polypropylene, normally 250g/m2,Geotextile: Beige/brown color.Bastion Packing: Normally packed by wooden pallet.

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