military barrier of joesco

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military barrier

JOESCO has twelve different types of barriers and can customized according to the actual situation of the battlefield. Each basic model of JOESCO barriers unit can meet the protection requirements in any battlefield situation. The single model explosion JOESCO wall system can be combined with other protection systems to give full protective function of the personnel and property.

Wire Diameter: 4.0mm, 5.0mmSpring Wire Diameter: 4.0mm (4 pieces/cell, 6 pieces/cell)Mesh Hole: 76.2mm×76.2mm,75mm×75mmDefense Bastion Dimension:4'6''*3'6''*32' (1*4+1*5=9 cells/set)2'*2'*4' (2 cells/set)3'3''*3'3''*32' (2*5=10 cells/set)3'3''*5'*32' (2*5=10 cells/set)2'*2'*10' (5 cells/set)5'6''*2'*10' (5 cells/set)7'3''*7'*90' (2*4+1*5=13 cells/set)4'6''*4'*32' (1*4+1*5=9 cells/set)

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