JOESCO launch explosion-proof wall

JOESCO launch explosion-proof wall construction

JOESCO's revolutionary wall is the latest in military protection

JOESCO have created a new explosion-proof wall  for militaries to use as a protective barrier. The wall is composed of two parts: barbed wire and a geotextile. A cage is created from barbed wire and added wire springs. The geotextile is laid inside the cage, which is then filled with stones or earth to absorb any blasts.
The mesh is galvanised, making it immune to erosion and flooding. Because of this, it makes the walls suitable for perimeter barriers as well as walls for cabins, offices, dining halls, communications posts and field hospitals.
Because of the wall’s hardy nature it is being introduced in many other applications, including flood defence barriers. They can be assembled quickly and sandbags easily replaced.
Governments are commissioning use of the walls to protect civilian instillations such as embassies, government facilities and power stations. These buildings are increasingly at risk of attack and Governments have decreed that the barriers add an additional level of safety.
The walls can be created to the specifications of the client. They are easy to install, foldable and easy to transport, highly mobile and have an outstanding effect.

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