JOESCO Barrier

JOESCO Barriers sizes

JOESCO Barriers sizes

JOESCO Barrier offer consistent manufacturing, perfect package,high strength weld connection technology, strick management. We registed ourselves brand “JOESCO”, welcome all of you talk to us, know us better.

JOESCO barrier have 12 different sizes, eash JOESCO Barriers unit is designed to adapt to every conceivable fortification requirement and to any military circumstance.

QS 1, 1.37X1.06X5.3M, 5cell/set

QS 2, 0.61X0.61X1.22M, 2 cell/set

QS 3, 1.0X1.0X5.0M, 5 cell/set

QS 4, 1.0X1.52X5.0M, 5 cell/set

QS 5, 0.61X0.61X3.05M, 5 cell/set

QS 6, 1.68X0.61X3.05M, 5 cell/set

QS 7, 2.21X2.13X10.65M, 5 cell/set

QS 8, 1.37X1.22X5.0M, 5 cell/set

QS 9, 1.0X0.76X4.56M, 6 cell/set

QS 10, 2.21X1.52X7.6M, 5 cell/set

QS 12, 2.13X1.06X5.3M, 5 cell/set

QS 1.9, 2.74X1.06X3.18M, 3 cell/set

Our design department will offer you details based on project drawing. Geotextile color are available in either beige, olive green, white and gray or by customization.

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