Linear Runway Rubber Removal in Hong Kong

Jetting Systems Ltd

Linear Runway Rubber Removal

2014 / 2015 has been our most successful year to date with several deliveries to Africa, Europe and Asia. The most notable being the return to Hong Kong after a short absence. The first combined truck mounted runway rubber removal and debris recovery machine was delivered into Hong Kong in 1992 by the now Managing Director of Jetting Systems, Simon Carling. Over the following years a further four machines were delivered and operated on both Kai Tak and Chek Lap Kok International Airports. In late 2014, an Osprey fitted with a cab adjustable linear rubber and paint removal system was successfully delivered and is now helping to maintain safety at this major hub airport.

Osprey Airport Runway Rubber Removal and Debris Recovery Machine

Changing the Rubber Removal Width

Can you believe that in 2015 it still takes some manufacturers 15 minutes to change the rubber removal path of their equipment?
Time is money and so with both the Linear and Lateral Osprey systems a change of width is available at the touch of a button. Whilst our competitors who can only offer the linear system are still in their tool box with the Osprey, you are out working. Osprey - always the right tool for the job.


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