Lateral or Linear Runway Rubber Removal Systems?

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Lateral or Linear Runway Rubber Removal Systems? With the Osprey you can have both.

The Osprey is the only machine available on the market today that combines a ‘deep clean' rubber removal head with a high performance fixed option for aprons and areas of lighter contamination.

Runway Rubber Removal

Osprey Runway Rubber Removal System

The chart below provides a guide to the minimum and maximum working widths and also illustrates the fact that the Osprey runway rubber removal system is the only machine to be fully adjustable anywhere between 300 and 2100mm without the requirement for any stoppage or use of tools.

Please refer to individual manufacturer specifications for further details.

Manufacturer Max working width mm Min working width mm Fixed width mm Time to change between min and max Tools required
Osprey 1200 HPV 2100 300 1200 Instant No
Osprey 1800 HPV 2100 300 1800 Instant No
Water Blasting Technologies
(Various models)
1800 300 1800 15 minutes Yes
Advance Cyclone 838 203 203 or 838 30-60 seconds N/A
Track Jet 2200 200   Instant No
Smets Technology
ARC 1000
1000 1000 1000 N/A N/A


Osprey Rubber Removal System

Continuous Research and Development and a keen ear for market needs has led Jetting Systems to now fully integrate the best of both Lateral and Linear technologies in a two model line-up.

Whilst the lateral system undoubtedly has many advantages over the typically narrower operating widths of the linear systems there are instances where a wider fixed width can prove an advantage, for example for apron cleaning and rapid area coverage in areas outside the touch down zones and areas of lower build up.

The Osprey lateral system covers a removal path of 2100mm and has a typical rubber removal rate of between 600 and 800 sq Mt per hour when deep cleaning.

The new Osprey 1200 and 1800 HPV models are based upon the well proven and market leading 33 tonne Osprey runway rubber removal unit. Now incorporating a fixed 1200mm or 1800mm cleaning and suction recovery head work rates of up to 3000 m2 can be achieved.

In both cases the equipment is fixed to the same chassis as the well-known Osprey lateral head and may be selected from within the drivers cabin as required.

Since 1992 when we introduced the world's first truck mounted jetting and vacuum recovery vehicle Jetting Systems continue to lead the market from the front.

With a very small domestic market we rely on a strong international reputation of sales. We do not operate our own a contracting fleet and so all of our machines are delivered to airport authorities or independent contractors worldwide. We are currently building machines for delivery in the first half of 2014 which are destined for Africa, Asia and Europe.

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