Runway Rubber Removal, Line Marking Removal and Maintenance

Jetting Systems Ltd

Jetting Systems Ltd is a specialist manufacturer/supplier of high pressure water jetting solutions for Airport, Industrial and Municipal applications. Our Airport Runway maintenance equipment is based upon the well proven Osprey unit the first of which was sold for use on the famous runway at Hong Kongs Kai Tak Airport in 1992.

Since then we have supplied many units to airports around the world including Korea, Beijing, Oman and Bangkok. In England the largest machine of its type is used by specialist contractor FCL in airports such as Stanstead and Manchester.more

Runway Cleaning and Rubber Removal

The Osprey Runway Rubber Removal unit utilises a highly efficient high pressure pump which operates at very low water flows and ultra high pressures. Coupled with a unique CNC control of the rubber removal head this ensures a controlled removal of rubber from the runway surface with out the damage associated with other water jet systems. Our systems can operate for up to 7 hours continuously without disposing of debris or re filling with water.

Rubber deposits are removed from the bottom of friction grooves without damage to the important edges.

The Runway Rubber Removal process may be halted from within the drivers cabin and the equipment made ready for evacuation from the runway in less than 1 minute.

Line Marking Removal

The CNC control over the water jet head ensures that the operational parameters may be altered quickly and easily from within the drivers cabin. Line Marking Removal is also achieved without damage to the underlying surface.

100% paint removal is possible with full recovery of all paint and water into the Ospreys onboard storage tank.

Environmentally Friendly Runway Rubber Removal

Only clean water is used with the OSPREY system.

With the highly efficient vacuum recovery system which recovers all of the rubber and water from the runway surface leaving it completely dry we provide a truly Environmentally Friendly Runway Rubber Removal Method.

Runway Maintenance

With increasing air traffic and a growing awareness of environmental issues, Airport Authorities are facing an increased demand to carry out Runway Maintenance both quickly and with the minimum use of precious commodities such as fuel, clean water and environmentally damaging chemicals. The Jetting Systems Osprey Runway Rubber Removal Unit achieves an excellent balance and is a major contributor to airport safety.less


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