A word with Ing. Alberto Martinoli, Ceo

Experience: the real added value that can make the difference

For more than 25 years Jetpharma has been successfully working, in a position of leadership, in the field of micronization of pharmaceutical active ingredients on behalf of third parties. A feature characterizing the professional services provided by Jetpharma is its total flexibility in grabbing and fulfilling its customers’ different requests, maintaining a constant quality standard as demanded and necessary in the pharmaceutical sector. Flexibility and quality are the two strengths which have always distinguished this Company. In order to understand how Jetpharma was able to reach this position we have interviewed Ing. Alberto Martinoli, CEO.


When was JETPHARMA SA born and what was its first aim?

Jetpharma was established in December 1986 and, being its aim to develop the particle size reduction of solid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Switzerland was the chosen location as this country has an important pharmaceutical industry and represents an ideal link to the world pharmaceutical sector. To be a leader you have to perform in a sector leader country.


JETPHARMA SA has become one of the leaders in contract micronization services. How did you achieve this status?

Since its foundation, Jetpharma’s founding principle lay on the achievement of the best quality both in technological terms and as a service supplier, always complying to the motto «Fast and Well Done». We know how important it is nowadays to be prompt and highly skilled, something easy to say, but a real challenge to meet.

Can you enter into details of the key factors of JETPHARMA SA’s activities?

The Customer increasingly needs extra or complementary services to add up to the micronization of his own products and Jetpharma is willing, through its expertise, to fulfil these needs, thus solving problems which the Customer should meet with higher costs and in a definitely longer period of time. It’s exactly in this consulting field that we saw the number of our Customers growing together with their fidelity to our company, in confirmation of how critical this issue is for success.


How has JETPHARMA designed and developed the technology used in its company? Is this the result of a long tradition or else?

Machinery and micronization plants are the planning results of Jetpharma’s founder, developed and improved over time by a skilled Technical Team capable of maintaining Jetpharma’s production technology at the state of the art. Years ago, when we decided not to sell on the market our plants anymore, we primarily did it in order to maintain an actual gap in terms of expertise and state of the art, although giving up on a segment of business which actually inflates turnovers but damages the quality of the supplied service.


How do you choose your suppliers / partners? What are the main characteristics a supplier should have?

This is a fundamental and important choice for the company. We select our suppliers/partners according to our procedural requirements, preliminarily through a supplier evaluation questionnaire. Critical suppliers are also periodically audited on site. All the suppliers are evaluated and scored yearly. Rating is given based on a number of attributes: quality of the provided service or product, flexibility, schedule reliability, efficiency, responsiveness, documentation provided, quality/cost ratio. Only highly qualified suppliers are selected and maintained.


Quality is no more an added value but has become an essential component. How can you maintain your high standards?

We totally agree. Speaking nowadays about quality should simply be a fact. Then, of course, the issue is the quality really supplied.

We do maintain high quality standards through a number of instruments; primarily, the staff overall, cGMP and subject specific training (external or internal).

Quality training is extended to all the employees. Our employees supervisor’s expertise is maintained through periodic participation to high-level courses, conventions, seminars, through to the continuous communication and ideas exchange with our valuable customers.


What is according to you a real added value that can make the difference?

Jetpharma’s added value, which makes our company a favourite supplier, consists not only in its ability to solve problems through expertise and accuracy, but also, and especially, in its stated and proven willingness to solve them. Today our real access to Quality by Design, made and performed, not just sketched or narrated, is the frontier of a new vision of the relationship, growth and interdependence between the customer and the supplier. What  really matters is to do it, and we are doing it, truly.


What are customers looking for? A single supplier for all the production chain or specific suppliers for specific capabilities? Where does JETPHARMA place its self?

Customers are looking for a reliable and flexible partner, specialized on a specific process/capability but also keen to accept new challenges and able to propose new solutions/ paths going forward. Jetpharma SA started as a provider of contract micronization but has also increased its expertise on other operations: co-micronization, blending, milling, PSD testing with various available analytical instruments are some of the services provided.

Our experience, and here I take inspiration from Quality by Design, tells us that, actually, the dynamic of a relationship often generates needs, expectations and requests exceeding the original ones.


Has customers’ demand changed during the last few years due to social changes (and/or new diseases; increase in average life expectancy)?

In fact, the APIs' market is in continuous evolution: new products are launched into the market to replace "mature" drugs with highly active molecules at lower doses. This is the case of the oncological products, a fast-growing therapeutic area which requires active ingredients finely micronized: Jetpharma can meet this demand coming from the market thanks to its "total containment" equipment, whose high level performance allows reaching all the requested standards, in total safety and speed.

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