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Jaso Oy

Established in 1996, Jaso Oy specialises in high speed cameras, endoscopes, microscopes and image analysis software. The company aims to help their customers with challenging imaging tasks; high speed cameras enable the inspection of events that are too fast for human eye (for example problems in production line), the RVI (Remote Vision Inspection) is applied with endoscopes for objects in hard-to-reach places, microscopes are used for observing small objects and image analysis helps to find out more information of imaged objects. For over 15 years they have been supplying their product range to industry, science, research & development and educational institutions around the globe.more

Mega Speed High Speed Cameras

In recent years they have expanded into the packaging market, offering high speed cameras with the ability to slow down any mechanical movement in production machines. The Mega Speed high speed camera HHC series amazing hand held high speed cameras can take up to tens of thousands of frames per second, depending on the image resolution. Packaging companies are using the cameras to watch the videos back in slow motion to find / review any faults in the packaging production line - such as troubleshooting the fill / seal process. The advanced trigger methods enable making automatic high speed imaging surveillance system for detecting factory automation problems.

The demand for high speed imaging tool among industrial companies has increased substantially with the Mega Speed high speed camera HHC series; the high quality components ensure the excellent performance and at the same time the hand-held HHC cameras are easy to use, compact in size and have robust plastic housing ideal for factory environment. Also the quality-price ratio of Mega Speed high speed camera HHC cameras is unbeatable.

The Mega Speed high speed cameras are available as a 24 bit colour or 8 bit black and white camera with a software to control the camera functions.

They are easy to operate, due to their compact size and weight.

Mega Speed High Speed Camera MS Series: High quality, solid assembling units.

These cameras can shoot up to 1,000,000 frames per second depending on the model and image size.

Mega Speed High Speed Camera HHC Series: Portable high speed cameras

All the HHC Series have a 640 x 480 touch screen interface and integrated LED lights. The cameras shoot from 500 to 20,000 fps depending on the model and the image size.

Image Analysis Software

IMT iSolution software is a leading image analysis tool, helping to improve the accuracy of your results. Combining a user friendly interface with radical measurement and analysis technology, the iSolution will streamline image capture, measurement and enhancement allowing you to optimise your working environment.

The software features versatile measurement tools for measuring e.g. lengths, areas, and angles and can auto detect an object's outline and then make specified measurements. Once the specimen is measured, all the images, measurement data and statistics can be exported to an Excel file with a simple mouse-click. Data collector feature enables analysing multiple images and with macros, the often performed routine tasks can be automised.

Other products available from Jaso Oy include:


  • Stereo Microscopes
  • Material Microscopes
  • Biology Microscopes
  • Microscope Cameras

Microscope Automation

  • Motorised Stages
  • Focus Tools
  • Slide Loader


The most recent addition to the range is a desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), using an electron beam rather than normal light - allowing for crystal clear imagery.

For more information on Jaso Oy's range of products and how they can help you, please contact them using the form below.less


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