Pre-Press, Gravure Cylinder and Printing Form Services

Janoschka Group

Janoschka Group oversees the entire supply chain to guarantee consistency from design concept to the final product. Over 30 years experience in graphics, in-depth knowledge for pre-press and printing form services, and the long lasting relationship with big market players on the brands' and printers' side is the key to success.

Having chosen our top quality services and products, Janoschka Group is the preferred pre-press supplier for a wide range of international brand owners and global printing houses. Our outstanding colour management and pre-press supply services have made us a trusted supplier in the flexible packaging industry.more

Flexible Packaging Development and Process Management

The complex process of creating and producing flexible packaging from design to print is a very sophisticated task. Market requirements as to delivery time and cost factor are further challenges for all participants of the graphic / print supply chain.

Laser Technology for Flexible Packaging

For high demanding flexible packaging segments as well as the tobacco market, Janoschka Group has invested in the state-of-the-art Direct Laser Technology (DLS) of Daetwyler, installed in our production facilities in Germany, Russia and Malaysia, to cover world market needs.

Packaging Features

The wide variety of packaging features and technical characteristics as size, substrate and printing process requires deep expertise. Ultimately, our expertise makes sure the appearance of your final packaging product is perfect for your customers.This is where Janoschka Group enters the stage as the ideal pre-press partner!As the professional link between marketers, product managers, printers and converters, Janoschka Group can reduce your costs by improving quality and shortening time-to-market.

Print Colour Management

Print colour management simplifies the entire communication and approval process for brand management, while RemoteProof and ProofOut® enables high-quality colour calibrated proof to be printed directly at the customer's location.

Pre-Press Capacities

We have developed in-house capacities for gravure, flexo and offset. In addition, we produce specialized tools such as technical cylinders, embossing cylinders, screens and sleeves. Steelbases round up our complete product range.

The 'one-stop-shop' with a wide range of products and services:

  • Design and brand consulting
  • Artwork translation and adaptation
  • Process- and printer specific reproduction work for rotogravure, flexo and offset printing
  • Packshot and 3D service
  • Brand management
  • Print-colour management, fingerprinting
  • RemoteProof with ProofOut® software
  • Process management tool - SmarthPath
  • Print form production and engraving for rotogravure and flexo
  • State-of-the-art technology for all production processes
  • Embossing rollers and technical cylinders services

Think Global – Act Local

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Germany, Janoschka Group has grown to a global network of today 28 companies in 10 countries: France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and Argentina. More than 1,200 employees generate a turnover of more than €110 million per year.

Our network combined with perfect communication tools and latest technology provides greatest flexibility. The assured professionalism makes the complex process of packaging development more cost-effective and reduces time-to-market. Local production close to the printers provides technical assistance in local language. Our resources, the related know-how and our standardized production workflow guarantee sustainable quality and high back-up capacities.

Make it 'right the first time' with Janoschka Group, your perfect pre-press partner!less


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