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JF Mimic, part of James Fisher PLC, provides maintenance solutions and consultancy services to the marine industry, with 25 years experience working in the Defence market. We offer expertise in condition monitoring (CM), maintenance management strategies and consulting services.

The JF Mimic motto is 'you can't control what you don't measure' and we aim to promote the benefits of CM into the marine industry which has typically employed a more traditional approach to maintenance. JF Mimic products have the aim of reducing your maintenance costs and unplanned downtime as well as increasing fleet availability and ultimately enhancing your company's revenue.more

Reducing Maintenance Expenditure

The JF Mimic group of products all have one aim - reducing maintenance expenditure. You can achieve up to 35% savings in maintenance management costs, up to 25% savings in Classification Surveyor costs and what's more, traditional maintenance work can be reduced to 20% of that originally undertaken.

Our products ensure that maintenance decisions are driven by the condition and performance of the asset. By identifying the optimum time to conduct maintenance activity savings are realised by reducing downtime for unexpected repairs.

Condition Monitoring Software

The Mimic condition monitoring software suite provides the tools to monitor equipment health and identifies the optimum time to conduct any maintenance activity which in turn realises savings by reducing downtime resulting from unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

Mimic has recently been awarded a Software Conformity Assessment Certificate by Lloyds Register; it is the first system to achieve the certificate for Marine Condition Monitoring.

Mimic enables you to monitor your assets effectively by consolidating and analysing all condition data and provides warnings of early fault detection by way of an intuitive, simple to use traffic light display.

Motor Condition Monitor

The Motor Condition Monitor (MCM) is a unique fault prediction tool for the predictive maintenance of three phase systems, including electric motors, generators, transformers, and the equipment or process driven by them.

By measuring only voltages and currents, MCM can detect impending mechanical and electrical failures, such as misalignment, imbalance, bearing and rotor faults, at an early stage through continuous monitoring by providing extensive diagnostic information.

MCM' primary purpose is to provide early warning of progressively deteriorating machine and process conditions to prevent unplanned downtime, and improve productivity.

MCM is an inexpensive device yielding accurate maintenance decision information that can be used by less skilled personnel, eliminating many of the shortcomings of both vibration and current signature analysis systems.less


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