Military Fibre Optic Gyroscope Technology, Navigation Sensor Systems


IXSEA is a world leader in Fibre-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) and underwater acoustics technologies for the military sector, combining excellence in innovative design and technology with the ability to execute and maintain a complete range of gyroscopes/inertial navigation systems for naval and land based applications. More than 300 IXSEA FOG based systems are installed onboard military vessels and land based systems around the globe, successfully performing in varying applications.more

The IXSEA product portfolio includes four main ranges:

  • Marine Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) 
  • Land Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • Pre-calibrated Underwater Tracking systems (USBL) 
  • Seabed Mapping Solutions

Marine INS & AHRS

MARINS - MIL-SPEC INS (Inertial Navigation System)

MARINS is based upon the best strap-down FOG technology that provides a highly reliable and maintenance free solution. MARINS differs significantly from all other INS products in its class, as it is much smaller, has very low power consumption and works without acoustic noise unlike ring laser gyroscopes (RLG). It outputs extremely accurate position, heading, roll, pitch, depth and velocity data which can be distributed to any navigation and/or weapons command and control systems. With a high free inertial performance (less than 1 nautical mile in 24 hours), MARINS is ideally suited to all types of naval vessels such as offshore patrol vessels, frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers and attack submarines.

MARINS has been selected for HMS Audacious, ASTUTE boat 4.

OCTANS - IMO AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)

OCTANS is an IMO-qualified gyrocompass designed with a complete all axis motion sensor that accurately calculates heading, roll, pitch, heave, surge and sway as well as acceleration and rate of turn. Maintenance free, OCTANS is based on a strap-down technology and can lock onto true North with 0.1 deg heading accuracy in less than 1 minute in all sea states, without GPS input.

OCTANS is the perfect solution for surface vessels including fast patrol boats and Coast Guards.

The majority of French Navy vessels and Royal Navy mine hunters are equipped with OCTANS, and it is also onboard all 80 110ft Cutters for the US Coast Guard.PHINS - Inertial Navigation System PHINS, an IMO-certified gyrocompass, was the first COTS Inertial Navigation System (INS) specifically designed to meet the requirements of both defence and civil marine markets. PHINS gives position, roll, pitch, depth, velocity, heave and heading (0.01 deg sec lat) outputs via Ethernet and digital I/O connectors.

PHINS includes a high-accuracy Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) using the FOG technology, which, coupled with an embedded Digital Signal Processor that runs an advanced Kalman filter, always computes the optimal performance (positional drift  0.6 Nm/h pure inertial).

PHINS is ideal for surface applications allowing accurate navigation even with GPS denial, therefore is suited for subsea AUV control and guidance operations.

Today, PHINS is in use with many Navies including the Royal Navy, US, French, Dutch, Belgian, and Indonesian as well as being used as the navigation system on AUV projects such as Talisman (UK) and Nereus (US).

Land Inertial Navigation Systems & AHRS

ADVANS LYRA - Tactical Land Navigation System

This is a Fibre Optic Gyroscope INS and IMU. It is a MIL SPEC qualified system for stabilization, pointing, and alignment of mobile large munitions platforms such as mortars, 105mm lightweight towed gun and 155mm howitzers. It is also ideally suited for the navigation / stabilization of wheeled and tracked vehicles and military vehicles such as tanks and armoured personnel carriers. 

ADVANS LYRA provides a continuous position in all states of GPS dataflow, enabling secure battle positioning.

LYRA has been now qualified for the 105mm field gun.

ADVANS URSA - Pointing & Targeting SystemThis Fibre Optic Gyroscope AHRS based IMU is a reliable and maintenance free system for heading and stabilization used for pointing / alignment of mortars, howitzers, turrets and all weapon systems onboard armoured vehicles and battle tanks. MILSPEC qualified, with a high MTBF, ADVANS URSA provides highly accurate heading, roll and pitch outputs with a very fast set up and response time.Underwater Tracking SystemGAPS – USBL - Underwater Acoustic Tracking SystemGAPS is a stand-alone, pre-calibrated acoustic tracking system, which combines acoustic, inertial, and GPS technologies. GAPS allows users to easily and efficiently track any type of underwater target such as ROV, AUV, SDV, Sonar towed systems and divers. The system has been proven in many military and civilian marine applications with a tracking distance up to 4000m, and a tracking arc of more than 220° from its head; therefore, it is ideally suited for shallow water use. The unit can be used from a number of different platforms (ship on a  pole or chain, catamaran, buoy, helicopter) allowing fast deployment and use due to the inbuilt IMU which, combined with a GPS feed, allows the unit to locate, position and track due to its own known position and attitude.The system has been used in a number of covert applications with beacon fitted divers and SDVs.Seabed Mapping SolutionsDELPH Seismic - DELPH Interpretation SoftwareIxsea provide real-time imagery interpretation and productivity tools to make the most of the collected seabed mapping data. The software provides batch interpretation capabilities with detailed parameter adjustment capabilities and graphic tools.less


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