ITW GSE has the power to cover your needs no matter which type of Ground Power Unit you are looking for. We supply 400 Hz solid-state GPUs, diesel GPUs, gasoline GPUs or even battery GPUs. We also supply 28 VDC solid-state or diesel GPUs or a combination of 400 Hz and 28 VDC GPUs. We got you covered. ITW GSE is a leading supplier of Ground Power Units to the airport industry with roots stretching back nearly 100 years. If you are in aviation and haven't yet done business with ITW GSE, there are some very good reasons for getting to know us. At ITW GSE, we monitor the market and are at the forefront of new aircraft requirements and market developments.

What can you expect from the ITW GSE 7400 eGPU?

Zero emissions of CO2 and NOX at the place of use and noise reduction is the key for achieving greener airports and better working environments. The ITW GSE 7400 is indeed a game changer in the ongoing quest for lowering the environmental impact of airports - ideal for gates or hangars with no fixed 400 Hz power supply.

The 7400 eGPU is based on proven technologies: the ITW GSE 2400 solid-state converter powered by Nissan Leaf battery packs. The benefits of this game changing GPU are numerous.

 90% lower emissions and lower OPEX

A typical diesel-driven GPU will produce 63,000 kilograms of CO2 and 300 kilograms of NOx over the course of a year when running 5.5 hours a day. Running at the same levels, the ITW GSE 7400 will produce only 6,500 kilograms of CO2 and just 13.7 kilograms of NOx. This is a net reduction in emissions of 90%. For a large airport running multiple GPUs, this can mean significant environmental savings.

The ITW GSE 7400 is also significantly less expensive to run than a diesel GPU, offering savings on operating expenses of around USD 120,000 over ten years and a lower total cost of ownership after six years.

The ultimate in flexibility

The ITW GSE 7400 GPU is in a class of its own and comes without compromise. It is autonomous and can easily be transported to wherever it is needed.  The flexibility of the 7400 GPU provides the same outstanding, well-proven qualities of other ITW GSE solid-state GPUs, including precise and clean output voltage at the aircraft plug, and individual phase regulation of each output phase. It can do 5-6 turn-arounds in case of a narrow-body aircraft before it needs recharging. And it can be recharged from any nearby 50/60Hz socket.  In addition, the modular design means the unit can be equipped with the number of battery packs needed to suit actual power requirements. Finally, if one battery pack fails, others take over to ensure you never run out of power

Like all ITW GSE products, the ITW GSE 7400 comes with a common icon-based user interface that is as simple to use as a smart phone or a tablet. This means airport staff already familiar with one ITW GSE product can easily operate another, and so reduces human error during operation and makes product training simpler. The software can be updated, and additional capabilities added, via a USB. Other ITW GSE advantages include quick service and repair, and spare part communality, which lowers stock requirements.

 With an in-depth knowledge of the Ground Support Equipment industry, ITW GSE combines customer-back innovation to develop and deliver solutions that are tailored to your needs. As a result, you get cleaner and more reliable ground support systems that improve the working environment for your staff and increase the efficiency of your operations. The backbone of all ITW GSE design is our common design platform that offers significant advantages.All products are equipped with the ITW GSE icon-based user interface. It is easy and intuitive to use - just like a smart phone or tablet. Airport staff that is already familiar with one ITW GSE product, can easily operate another since the display and the icons are the same. Less human errors during operation, simple product training, reduced spare part requirements and quick service and repair are advantages of the ITW GSE Way of Thinking.We invented the patented ITW GSE Plug & Play system that provides unique voltage at the aircraft plug. We also designed the market's only modular PCA with easy-swap cooling modules, and the 2400 Power Coil, which combines a converter and a cable handling system in one self-contained unit.We provide experience you can count on.

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