Radar Cross Section (RCS) Instrumentation


Based in Råde, just south of Oslo in Norway, ISPAS AS is a private independent company that covers all aspects of radio frequency equipment; from radars for RCS (Radar Cross Section) to programable signal generators.

They also offer a custom design service for the radio frequency equipment as well as radar/RF/RCS measurement assistance.

Established in 2001 they ship their products all over the globe, supplying both military and civilian organisations with top of the range radio frequency equipment and service.more

RCS Measurement Radar

Calibrated radar measurement instrumentation

ISPAS AS' turnkey RCS Measurement Radar solutions are designed for both indoor and outdoor calibration, drawing on more than 20 years experience in the business, working with both civilian and military authorities.

RCS Measurement Radars have a frequency range of 0.5 - 40 GHz and a FMCW / Stepped frequency pulse modulation and a variable Pulse repetition frequency (PRF) between 10 - 2000 Hz. It has a minimum range resolution of 0.1 m / 0.5 m (ICW/FMCW) while the Operational distance fluctuates between 0.1 and 10 km.

Information gathered from the auxiliary instruments, such as meteorological and oceanographic data, is stored in a database along with movement data and target Radar Cross Section for easier post processing.

The post processing involves linear/polar-plots, statistical analysis and ISAR imaging; the results of which are published in an automatically generated report.

RCS Measurements Training Courses

ISPAS AS offer a a range of training and refresher courses, covering the theory and practical side of Radar Cross Section measurements: ensuring all staff have received the best training available and are kept abreast of any new developments. 

RCS Simulation Software

Simulation and assessment of Radar Cross Section

ISPAS have been developing the RCS Simulation Software over the past 2 decades, using their insight into Radar Cross Section measurements and simulation as well as the latest software development technology to create a high end, fast and accurate RCS simulation.

The RCS Simulation Software can import 3D models from the majority of COTS CAD programmes, providing fast, continuous development of low signature objects.

It has been designed to run on standard PC's with Microsoft DirectX Dx9.0C installed. The software requires a Windows 7, 64 bit operating system or later to function correctly.

RCS Simulation Software Physical Attributes:

  • Edge diffraction
  • Multiple frequencies
  • All polarizations
  • Material reflection coefficients
  • Hotspot mapping on target
  • Linear / polar plot
  • Scatter plot
  • Dynamic target handling
  • DirectX interface
  • Fast simulation
  • 2D scatter plot

Custom Radar Cross Section (RCS) Design

As well as their standard range of products ISPAS AS also offer a Custom Radar Cross Section (RCS) Design service, where they can work alongside the client to create a radar/RF solutions up to 40 GHz and above.With ISPAS AS' years of experience within the Radar Cross Section (RCS) sector this service is ideal for those clients who need something very specific, where a generic turnkey solution isn't suitable.They provide an excellent after sales support service for clients and are currently working on  quite a few contracts with well known military organisation.For more information on ISPAS AS' range of products or to discuss your requirements further please contact them using the form below.less


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