Successful Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris


After six years of partnership INTOS participated independently in the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) in Paris from Tuesday 10 until Thursday 12 March. On reflection, we are most contented with this decision, which enabled us to profile ourselves with our own branding.

INTOS Space-Saving Search Cabin

In addition to the three standard desk concepts, INTOS presented illuminated signage and the space- saving search cabin. The film about our company that was launched during the event provided visitors with a good insight into our manufacturing processes and the INTOS culture, in combination with images of recently completed projects. Through hosting our own stand, we were able to establish tangible contacts with the international market.

The expo is a place where more than 180 exhibitors from no fewer than 90 countries present airports from around the world with the latest developments. Over the last few years, INTOS has forged many contacts here from which cooperative ventures have arisen, e.g. in the Middle East and Africa, with projects underway in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Mauritania, Hurghada and Abu Dhabi.

INTOS at Passenger Terminal ExpoINTOS Space-Saving Cabin
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