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Intersurgical is a global manufacturer and supplier of respiratory support products for Airway Management, Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Oxygen & Aerosol Therapy.  The product range covers all respiratory requirements from the airway to the equipment offering a complete solution to your needs.  Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive range of respiratory products offering our customer quality, innovation and choice.more

Airway Management / Anesthesia

Airway Management

Intersurgical offer a full range of airway management devices from the y-piece connection of the breathing system to the patient's airway.

Products within this range include:

i-gel is a revolutionary single use supraglottic airway. The i-gel shape, softness and contours accurately mirror the perilaryngeal anatomy to create a perfect fit. The i-gel has a non-inflatable cuff allowing easy, rapid and consistently reliable insertion.

The Solus is Intersurgical's laryngeal mask airway. The standard Solus is an ideal solution for patients undergoing anaesthesia or emergency treatment. MRI compatible non-ferrous valves ensure that a scanners field of vision is not impaired. These are specially tested for reliability during a five-year shelf-life. The flexible Solus is an ideal solution for shared airway procedures. All options are available in adult and paediatric sizes.

The One-Piece Guedel airway integrates two material components with different characteristics into a single moulding, removing the separate bite-block used in traditional Guedel Airway products. As well as improved safety, the One-Piece design also incorporates a soft tip.

The airways range also offers laryngoscope blades and patient connections and a full range of Breathing filters, HME and HMEFs.


Intersurgical offer a full range of anaesthesia breathing systems and accessories for use in the operating room, recovery and emergency care.

Included in this range is a wide selection of anaesthetic face masks.  Intersurgical's QuadraLite anaesthesia mask is a comfortable, patient-friendly airway management solution, which can be supplied in a choice of 4 sizes for patients of all ages. The flexible seal and innovative, anatomical design enable 4 models over all patients. This reduces the inventory levels that hospitals need to maintain in order to cater for everyone.

Comfort without the cushion

QuadraLite anaesthesia masks replace the normal cushion with a combination of flexible materials to provide a high level of comfort and adaptability. A transparent shell maintains maximum visibility for patients.

The greener, safer choice

QuadraLite facemasks do not contain phthalate or PVC.

Intersurgical also offer Scented face masks in a range of sizes and scents, Economy face masks with colour-coded hook rings. Bronschoscopy face masks which allow easy insertion of a bronchoscope for example, into the nose or mouth whilst administering analgesic gas to the patient at the same time. Plus a range of Reprocessable face masks are also available.

Intersurgical's anesthetic breathing systems can be supplied in a choice of formats and dimensions. The product line encompasses Flextube breathing systems, adaptable length systems (Compact II), universal Mapleson C designs (Uniflow). Additionally, Intersurgical supply reprocessable breathing systems.

Intersurgical's 'Silver Knight' breathing systems feature antimicrobial constituents designed to interrupt the usual enzymatic processes in certain bacteria notable for causing Hospital Acquired Infections.

Trauma / Emergency Care

Intersurgical can offer a complete range of emergency care products for use in emergency and resuscitation situation. From initial mouth-to-mask ventilation, to airway management, oxygen therapy and accessories, you will find the products you need.

Intersurgical's pocket resuscitation mask offers a convenient ready to use mouth-to-mask device that allows for immediate respiratory support to the patient without compromising the safety of the rescuer.

Intersurgical offer a complete range of single bag-valve-mask use systems for use in resuscitation and emergency care valve, and size 3 face mask, to avoid cross infection from blood, vomit and secretions.

The innovative design of the new, One-Piece Guedel range eliminates the separate bite block found in all conventional moulded designs. The new design also incorporates a soft atraumatic tip.

Intersurgical has introduced a much improved range of single use plastic laryngoscope blades designed to provide a low cost solution to the problem of cross-infection. These blades are compatible with the ISO7376-3 green specification handles, as indicated by the INTERSURGICAL logo as indicated on the heel of the blade.

The Solus range of single use laryngeal mask airways incorporates all of the traditional design features of such a device and is thus ideally suited for use in cardiolpulmonary resuscitation. This quality product is provided at a price that makes their storage in resuscitation containers cost-effective and the Solus is provided sterile and ready for use.

The HyperVent bag is designed to facilitate the treatment of hyperventilation.

Resuscitation and emergency care breathing systems are also available in paediatric and adult sizes.

Nebulisation Therapy

Intersurgical have spent many years researching and developing a range of nebulisation therapy products, which have all the essential features for efficient and effective nebulisation.

The Cirrus™ Nebuliser is designed for the delivery of drugs for tracheobronchial deposition. The Cirrus™ is ideal for in-line nebulisation due to it's closed design. There are Kits available for Adults, Paediatric and Neonatal Breathing Systems. The new Cirrus2 Nebuliser incorporates a range of improved features including lower residual volume to reduce drug wastage and a calibrated drug cup indicating how much drug is in the nebuliser. The Cirrus2 Kits are available with a non-PVC Eco aerosol mask.

Intersurgical's new Self-sealing T-Piece enables the nebuliser to be attached (or detached) from the ventilator breathing systems without interfering with patient ventilation or inadvertently activating any alarms. This is available individually and as a kit incorporating the Cirrus2 nebuliser and drive gas tubing.

The HOT Top Plus™ Nebuliser is ideal for the delivery of drugs for tracheobronchial deposition. The main advantage of the HOT Top Plus™ is the high speed of nebulisation. This can halve the treatment time compared with conventional nebulisers leading to greater patient compliance.

The Micro Cirrus™ has been specifically designed to create a small particle aerosol with a mass median diameter (MMD) of 1.2μm and is ideal for alveolar deposition.less


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