Thermal Signature Management

Intermat Group SA


The objective of Intermat is to:

  • slash detection ranges by
  • concealing against thermal observation
  • deceiving heat seeking IR sensors
  • attenuating radar signals and reducing RCS

Intermat and Stealth Technology

Intermat is widely known for its profound involvement in the field of Thermal Signature Management and Multi-Spectral Stealth Materials. The term “stealth” is primarily associated with changes in the reflective properties of the target. It is usually understood to result from a combination of materials and methods that significantly lower the emissions of a target, thereby effectively decreasing the enemy’s detection range.Intermat’s prime concern is to reduce signatures, emissions, and eventually detection ranges. However, just reducing an emission is not enough, the real science is to customize and adjust the level of performancemore

in order to meet the operational requirements (blend in with surrounding /background environment).

Thermal Signature Management

Intermat’s core business is the Research and Development of anti-thermal coatings. Intermat has the technical capability and know-how to produce military colour of adjustable emissivity. All it takes is painting with just a thin film layer of about 50 microns by using ordinary equipment and tools. The coatings limit the absorption and emission of heat and the user is free to decide on the amount of “insulation” or performance, whether operations take place in desert, forest, or in another terrain. Light blue and light grey colours of exceptional performance are available for the Navy and Helicopters; these assets operate against a very cold thermal background i.e. sea, sky, and thermal protection is vital for their survivability. Application can be made on any surface i.e. metallic or building. It is a permanent countermeasure.

 Anti-Thermal / Anti-Radar Camouflage NetsIntermat can provide a wide range of:

  • camouflage nets
  • covers & blankets
  • tents and personal camouflage

Camouflage nets can attenuate radar signals from 5 to 100 GHz and especially from 8 to 40GHz. The level of attenuation in each band is confidential but it can be said that the level of attenuation varies from 10Db minimum up to 35Db !On top of that all fabrics are treated /painted with the anti-thermal coatings and literally any camouflage pattern can bedesigned. Fabrics do not need to be kept away from any hot surface; they do not get hot when placed directly on top of a warm surface. They weigh as low as 200 gr/sq.m. and can be engineered to meet end-user specifications i.e. weight, design, pattern, performance.Sniper and Ghillie SuitsSpecial Forces deserve their own thermal countermeasure; consequently Intermat suits are treated with the anti-thermal coatings. The soldiers are protected throughout the wide IR, and the detection of a soldier is very much reduced (depending on the environmental conditions). The fabric is breathable with reduced stiffness while various types and camouflage patterns can be produced. Fabric weight can be as light as 60 grams can be as effective as other much heavier systems since the amount of “insulation” is not achieved through thick and heavy materials but only by a 30-50 microns top coat.RCS Reduction Coatings !Intermat has achieved to develop RCS reduction coatings where RCS can be reduced by 97% (attenuation in X-band); this means than the radar detection range can be more than halved by using a coating thickness of only 1mm. They are compatible with the Anti-thermal coatings and both formulas can be combined into one which will perform both as an anti-thermal and RCS reduction coating!…all warfare is based upon deception…less


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