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Founded in 1973, Intelcan is a global leader in the design and integration of communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS), air traffic management (ATM) and airport infrastructure systems. Over the past 40 years, Intelcan has expanded globally to efficiently reach its vast client base and provide full life-cycle support. Intelcan is proudly Canadian, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario with a cutting-edge research facility in Montreal, Quebec and multiple offices around the world.more

Intelcan ATM and CNS Turnkey Solutions

Intelcan provides complete turnkey solutions ranging across the aviation sector, from intricate control tower construction to complex green-field airport design - Intelcan delivers cost-effective results.Intelcan offers an extensive customer support network, utilising global offices to ensure that mission-critical systems are fully optimised for performance, safety and reliability.

Intelcan ILS


Intelcan's SKYCONTROL ATM system is now in its fourth generation. Using state of the art digital systems, the SKYCONTROL ATM has built an enviable track record seeing global deployment. SKYCONTROL ATM is based around a Linux system, each individually configurable to your specific requirements. The benefits of the Intelcan ATM system includes multi-radar tracking capabilities and a fully automated flight plan processing system, which consists of radar and flight plan servers running on COTS hardware.SKYCONTROL ATM is a unique solution, encompassing flexible and scalable solutions designed to meet any ATM requirements for both the military and civilian services. It's applications include Oceanic FIR, Enroute, Approach, Terminal and Tower services.

ATM Sri LankaIntelcan Consoles

SKYCOM Communication Systems

Intelcan offer the latest in ICAO and Eurocontrol compliant systems. The suite consists of an Aeronautical Message Handling System (AHMS), Recording and Replay Systems, and Digital Automatic Terminal Information Services (D-ATIS).Intelcan's SKYCOM communication systems are designed to be fully integrated with other elements of ATM, surveillance, navigation and communications systems. Furthermore SKYCOM Systems can be integrated to compliment third party systems.

SKYNAV Navigational Aids

Intelcan offer a pair of SKYNAV navigational aids demonstrating their commitment to reliable and dependable systems for the airport market.The SKYNAV Instrument Landing System (ILS) pairs the latest technology with economical costs to the consumer. The design hinges on FPGA and DSP processor units able to monitor all parameters of signals transmitted in real-time. By pairing these processing units with thorough Built-in Test Equipment, the system is able to take autonomous corrective action when required.The SKYNAV Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) is an extremely technologically advanced system, providing efficient performance and simplified maintenance meaning lower life cycle costs. Comprising a single cabinet construction with dual transmitters, monitors and power supplies.

  Intelcan ILSIntelcan ILS

SKYSURV Communications Systems

By striving to continually improve surveillance technology, Intelcan offers the most modern communication systems on the market today. The SKYSURV MSSR or, Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar uses processing modules and software upgrading functionality, allowing for a customisable solution to individual needs.The SKYSURV PSR, or Primary Surveillance Radar, utilises enhanced system stability and high-level clutter suppression in order to minimize false reports. Furthermore, the PSR retains target detection up to a range of 90NM, enabling excellent resolution and target accuracy.Intelcan also offer SKYSURV ADS-B or Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B), and Multilateration (MLAT) solutions. These provide a comprehensive ground system, capable of supporting compliant radar surveillance systems. Intelcan's SKYSURV communication systems ensure the efficient delivery of air traffic services across the airfield.

Intelcan PSRIntelcan PSR

Airport Infrastructure

As a prime contractor for airport construction and design-build projects, Intelcan completed various airport infrastructure projects such as aviation traffic models, airport layouts, passenger terminals, control towers, hangers, warehouses and commercial buildings.

Intelcan's experts provide a complete building solution; from the foundation through to the interior finishing and specialized building systems.


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