Precision Target Location, Surveillance and Vehicle Sensor Solutions

Instro Precision Limited

Instro is a recognised leader in the design, manufacture and supply of observation support equipment for military, border protection and civilian forces.

This leading position has resulted from focus on meeting customers' needs and offering reliable and dependable products with professional through life support.

With more than 50 years experience and capabilities spanning precision target location, long range surveillance and specialist sensors for vehicles, Instro's products are in service in more than 50 countries. Working closely with users and major electro-optic OEMs, Instro brings proven real world expertise in the integration of targeting and observation systems - enabling customers to meet the demanding requirements of complex modern programmes.more

Headquartered in South East England, with sales offices in UK, France and North America, Instro's vertical integration from design through manufacture combines production capacity for off the shelf needs with engineering responsiveness for special projects.

Capability Portfolio Includes:

  • Modular target acquisition systems
  • Non-magnetic orientation/north finding solutions
  • Precise goniometers for azimuth and vertical angle measurement 
  • Tripods for all applications and environments in aluminium and ultra-lightweight carbon fibre
  • Manual pan and tilt heads with fine adjust and viscous damping for tracking applications
  • Cabled and wireless remote observation systems for thermal imagers
  • Custom engineered tripods for ATGMs and special forces applications
  • High performance low light vehicle situational awareness camera systems and displays
  • Rugged high resolution aiming cameras for RWS and turrets
  • GPS based reversionary INS solutions for vehicles 
  • Compact laser rangefinder modules
  • High performance gyro stabilised pan and tilt positioners for vehicles, towers/masts, fast patrol boats
  • Motorised pan and tilt positioners for long range surveillance cameras

Precision Target Location Solutions and Products

Instro's THOR TAS target acquisition systems provide JTACs, reconnaissance and forward observer teams the full capabilities needed to accurately measure and compute CAT-1 target coordinates.By providing the right solution for the right situation, whether based on THOR TAS or component tripods, goniometers or remotely controlled sensors, Instro's strength is the seamless system integration of targeting solutions for EO sensors of all the leading OEMs.The modular open architecture approach offers a full range of capabilities from customisable component level to fully integrated systems and software applications.

Instro Precision Limited THOR

Instro's precision sensor support products play a critical role in ensuring accurate and repeatable alignment and holding line of sight on static and moving objects. Knowing that equipment is often fielded in extreme conditions and situations, Instro's pan and tilt heads, tripods and other components are designed to be compact, rugged and ultra-lightweight, without sacrificing quality or compromising specifications.With optional features such as line of sight fine adjustment, viscous damping, selectable counterbalances and integrated angle encoders, Instro ensures users have access to the ergonomic features needed for extended duration observation.

Key precision target location and observation products include: THOR TAS, a highly configurable precision targeting system with optional SAMOS celestial and ERMOS gyro-compass north orientation modules; The ROSS remote surveillance system; The TRILITE family of tripods for loads up to 25kg; The MINI PT manual pan and tilt head; DIGITAL MEERKAT, an integrated goniometer tripod.

Turn-key engineering solutions include:

  • Special purpose tripods for special forces, portable radars, ATGMs
  • Artillery training safety systems
Motorised Surveillance Platforms from Instro Precision Limited

Motorised Surveillance Platforms

Instro motorised pan and tilt positioners are designed for use with long range surveillance cameras and are engineered for land, sea and vehicle based applications. Featuring milliradian or better positional accuracy and repeatability, Instro pan and tilt units are critical components in many coastal and border protection systems and support payloads up to 100kg. Ideal for system integrators, Instro's motorised platforms are modular and support user options for gyro-stabilisation, built-in automatic video tracker, electronic image stabilisation and marine protection from harsh off-shore and coastal environments.

D-SERIES pan and tilt from Instro Precision Limited

With increasing use of IP streaming formats for HD video, Instro's D-SERIES pan and tilts are engineered for ease of integration in networked camera installations and support cameras with 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The stabilisation performance of the D2 pan and tilt makes it suitable for use on fast patrol boats, wheeled and tracked vehicles or tall masts where attenuation of high frequency vibrations is critical to picture quality.

For users and integrators wanting off the shelf capabilities with pre-integrated long range cameras and thermal imagers, Instro's MSP family delivers ready to use solutions for vehicle, fixed and marine installations.

Surveillance and Targeting from Instro Precision Limited

Vehicle Sensors, Cameras and Displays

Complementary to core products for surveillance and targeting, Instro leverages its considerable expertise in rugged lightweight design for challenging environments with custom engineered sensors, cameras, displays, subsystems. 

Solutions include:

  • Rugged cameras and displays suitable for AFVs and harsh industrial use
  • Differential GPS location, attitude and orientation sensors for vehicle INS applications
  • Compact lightweight OEM laser rangefinder modules
  • Custom enclosures for multi-sensor electro-optic payloads
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