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Innovia Films (Innovia) is a major producer of highly differentiated Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films.  We hold a leading global position in the markets we serve – high performance coated films, tobacco overwrap, labels and security films. 

As an innovation led, specialist producer of BOPP films, Innovia Films are continuously researching new products and technologies that reduce food waste, enhance product shelf-life, enable easy opening or allow for the final pack to be used within the circular economy.  The addition of new UK assets has enabled us to develop new high barrier  coextruded EVOH oxygen barrier films.  These films will allow pack simplification, by removing/replacing layers within laminates that restrict recycling.  Other developments include high barrier metallised films and AlOx clear high barrier films.more

Innovia offers a wide-range of films and labelling solutions for the home and personal care market, beer, wine and spirits, tea, for diverse food items, as well as the cosmetics and perfume markets.  Some of its functional solutions include pressure sensitive facestock and in-mould films, new easy open films, high barrier films, product security and brand enhancing products.

Our production sites are based in Australia, Belgium, Mexico and the UK manufacturing around 160 thousand tonnes of BOPP film per annum.

Service and support alongside product quality is a priority for us.  Our strong network of commercial offices, agents and distributors globally support our sales into >100 countries worldwide, ensuring a high level of customer responsiveness.  

BOPP Film Overwrap from Innovia

Propafilm™ BOPP film overwrap is ideally suited to high speed overwrap applications. The exceptional clarity and sparkle, balanced and controlled shrinkage and outstanding mechanical properties for machine performance and conversion have set the bench mark for overwrap pack wrap quality.  Recently we have developed a comprehensive range of films and labels for inner liner applications as well as new solutions for ‘heat not burn’ tobacco products which are becoming more popular in the marketplace. The most recent film to be developed is Propafilm™ ILC a low heat seal 20 micron coextruded film for inner liner laminate structures.  

Clear Collation Films - Innovia holds a leading market position with its coated clear collation films Propafilm™ SRC and RC.  These films are now established in the market and adoption by the industry continues to grow. 

Our uncoated collation films offer Innovia’s customers the opportunity to achieve cost savings.  Propafilm™ NC is a non-shrink version which works with a variety of films for the unit packs, not just our grades and works on all common types of packing machines.  Propafilm™ SNC is the first shrink tightening co-extruded BOPP collation film.  This offers both cost savings and improved pack appearance.

Another introduction to aid the consumer and shop retailers to open collation packs more easily, is Snap-Wrap film Propafilm™ SRCZ01.  It facilitates the snapping off of two packs at a time from the bundle.  It is achieved by placing scored lines in the shrink collation film that align with the edges of the unit packs in the bundle. 

Expanding Range of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Labelling Films

Our unique bubble film production process and the mechanical properties it imparts to our biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films, has put us at the top of the global market for filmic pressure sensitive label substrates where we have remained for over 25 years.

Our recent label developments are strongly focused on providing brand owners with the features they require to make their products succeed in a demanding market place, while also providing label printers films that allow them to maximize their creativity.

UltraFoil label films offers exceptional cold-foiling performance, intricate fine tone and vignette printing and is available in film grades for a wide range of container formats, from full squeeze tubes to rigid bottles and removable label applications. Consumers expect their favorite food brands to be packed so that they maintain their freshness and are also convenient to use. One way to achieve this is by using a pack format with a reclosable label to access the product.  UltraFoil CXFA (clear) and WXFA (white) top-coated barrier films have been specifically designed for this application and combine excellent moisture and gas barrier to maintain freshness, with the label strength to allow the pack to be opened and closed many times.

Our solid white films are ideal solutions for multiple page booklet and extended content labels.  Rayoface™ WPA is available via labelstock manufacturers and Rayoface™ AWPA for printers with in-house adhesive coating.

In Mould Label (IML) Films - RayoFormTM  Our range of In Mould labelling (IML) films target large format as well as clear containers.  RayoForm™ IW is the thickest and stiffest IML film which increases productivity and process flexibility at both the printers and moulders.   RayoForm™ ICU is the clearest IML film on the market and has exceptional sheet feeding capability.  The films’ clarity allows brand owners to showcase their products in clear containers thus maximizing consumer visibility. 

Innovia has extended its existing BOPP graphic arts film range with the introduction of down gauged Rayoart™ high clarity and brilliant white films. These 60µm (230 gauge) films are now 33% thinner than our existing graphic films.  They retain their high conversion stability during adhesive lamination and printing and are extremely easy to apply or remove at both high and low temperatures.  They are ideal for indoor and short term outdoor applications as these UV stabilized products provide up to two years outdoor usage (based on QUV testing).

New down gauged grades have been added to their squeezable Rayoface™ label facestock range.  CZFA51 and WZFA51 are clear and white films respectively.  These films offer customers the opportunity to save time and money for every step of the value chain if they switch from using PE85 to Innovia’s BOPP films.  In addition, they gain a squeezable film with market leading clarity for ‘no-label’ look applications and perfect gloss for outstanding shelf appeal. 


Latest Films For Packaging Applications

We have been supplying Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films to the packaging industry for over 45 years under our trademark, Propafilm™.

Wrap Rage Solution - We recently expanded our portfolio of peelable BOPP films with the launch of Propafilm™ RCP, now available in 52 and 60 microns.  These significantly proven, easy-to-open, food packaging films now includes heavy duty, high barrier and snap wrap options.  The main benefit of using Propafilm™ RCP is that its seals are easy to open providing a reliable clean and neat opening, without destroying the pack. From a product packer point of view, achieving this easy opening could not be simpler: the seal strength is consistent every time and the film can be used on existing packaging machines without any adjustments required.   

Fast BOPP FilmsThe BOPP packaging product range offers a broad spectrum of films with properties that match demanding packaging requirements. PropafilmTM FFF family of films have set a new standard in high speed heat seal flow wrap performance and have been successfully used in confectionery, home and personal care, bakery and other food applications.

Mineral Oil Barrier Film - we introduced a new acrylic coated film Propafilm™ RCU, which offered the packaging industry a proven film that provided a barrier to mineral oil migration for up to two years.  Its development was the result of a proactive investigation into the mineral oil hydrocarbon (MOH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbon (MOAH) barrier protection of Innovia’s films.  It included the evaluation of films with multiple laydowns, increased coat weights and one side/two side variations.  

The film, besides offering excellent barrier, has superior optical properties, a low sealing threshold and a broader sealing range which makes it ideal for use in a variety of markets (biscuits, bakery, confectionery, dried foods, tea and cereals).  Propafilm™ RCU is a cost effective versatile film that ensures proven protection for dried foods.  It is printable and is ideal for pre-made bags and lamination to other films.

We are always open to new challenges, so if you are interested in any of the above films, or have a particular requirement then please contact us.



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