Innovative Business Software A/S

Innovative Security Manager™ is a software platform, which provides a real-time overview of security operations at airports.

Implementing ISM will form a secure platform for managing all security and operational tasks in an airport and also provide a system integral to the components of a security management system such as managing resources, performance monitoring, continuous improvement, change management, and training and education.

Airports today face increasing passenger numbers, rising costs for personnel, a demand for heightened security - yet at the same time budget restrictions. You need your airport to maintain the highest standards, which is why your organisation is required to carry out audits, inspections, qualitative and quantitative assessments as part of an internal quality assurance programme. Additionally, the UK CAA is introducing a formalised, risk driven framework for integrating security into the daily operations and culture of an airport – the so-called Security Management System (SeMS).

Currently, a SeMS - as set out in the Framework for an Aviation SeMS issued by the UK CAA - is not a mandated process. However, if an airport does have a SeMS, which addresses the elements identified in said framework, it will help the airport meet the internal quality control provisions of articles 12, 13 and 14 of EC 300/2008.

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