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Innovative Business Software A/S (Innovative) is a Danish company that develops and provides Alarm Monitoring Software and Incident Management Solutions for all kinds of Alarm Receiving Centres and Control Rooms worldwide.

For more than 30 years Innovative has developed alarm handling software for different control rooms within the international security industry and public safety authorities. Innovative develops standard solutions based on customer needs with special attention to up-time, flexibility, and user-friendliness.more

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Alarm Automation Software from Innovative is capable of fulfilling different needs and is the favourable choice for central stations, Alarm Receiving Centres, control rooms, large industrial companies, emergency call centres as well as police and fire brigades.

Innovative Security Manager™ (ISM) is the alarm monitoring software from Innovative. This state-of-the-art monitoring software includes the following modules:

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Incident Management Software from Innovative

ISM is the worlds most modern Alarm Monitoring Software worldwide and its capability of receiving alarms is extraordinary. The alarm monitoring software handles all types of electronic alarms and signals such as emergency, burglar, fire, technical and GPS positions. It supports most available communication technologies and standards, including TCP/IP, GSM, SATCOM, TETRA. The extensive industrial sector can be easily monitored through integration of the worlds most accessible Alarm Receivers.

Security Alarm Software

The capability to suit individual needs makes ISM the most favourable choice of Central Station Software worldwide. The multilingual security alarm software system currently supports more than ten languages and it’s designed to run non-stop with watchdogs. The design helps the alarm operator to react properly and instantly and it even provides automated actions. Detailed logging of all events enables documentation and statistics.

The technical basis of the security alarm software is a 3-tier architecture which makes use of TCP/IP communication as well as a standard SQL database.

Incident Management Software add-ons:

  • Alarm dispatch
  • Digital MAP (GIS) with GEO coding
  • IP alarm receiver with SIA
  • Arm/disarm of customers
  • Web access
  • VoiP and TAPI
  • SMS module
  • E-mail module
  • Fleet Management for dispatching of own resources
  • Lone Worker Protection with mobile alarms
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Alarm verification with Video module
  • Duplex and redundancy for backup solutions

Incident Management Software for Alarm Receiving Centre

Alarm Receiving Centre Software

ISM Incident Management Software from Innovative enhances the operational capabilities of Alarm Receiving Centres and central stations to allow for easy growth as well as changing needs of the market.

The alarm receiving centre software platform, ISM, is expandable with a virtually unlimited number of customers and clients to support the enlargement of the Central Station. A wide range of various add-ons support the growth into vertical markets and to improve the productivity and quality.


  • Reduces the need of man power by automated processes
  • Support of most available alarm receivers including Contact-ID and SIA
  • Support of existing Alarm Dispatch systems
  • SMS and E-mail for receiving and transmitting information and signals
  • Arm/disarm of customers
  • Enhanced overview with digital MAP and GEO coding of customers location
  • Web access for service providers improves the overall productivity
  • Alarm verification with video module that integrates with existing video systems
  • Uptimes provided by watchdogs
  • Duplex and redundancy for backup solution
  • Detailed log for reporting and documentation
  • ISM can comply with existing customer data

Emergency Service Alarm Monitoring

Innovative provides solutions that improve emergency service alarm monitoring within public safety authorities.

The ISM platform is used by Emergency Call Centre to handle emergency calls and to forward them digitally to relevant public safety authorities. Police Force and Fire Brigades use ISM for receiving emergency calls as digital alarms.

Central Station Software

The interactive map displays not only where the incident has occurred but also the location of the nearest Police Car or Fire truck. Through the use of ISM maps, the dispatch operator is able to communicate the alarm information, which includes GPS coordinates, to a vehicle for immediate turn-out. This is done by the simple click of a button.

A GPS Navigation system within the vehicle will then display the information allowing the driver to reach the location of the emergency.

The digital workflow effectively reduces response times, makes turn-outs more accurate and improves the capabilities of the dispatch centre. Innovative is member of EENA (the European Emergency Number Association) and TIEMS (The International Emergency Management Society).

Innovative is member of SIA (Security Industry Association).less


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  • Peter Stelling

    Communication Consultant Contact Expert

    interVIEW is an integrated incident management system, which can receive alarms and signals from a wide range of systems and present them in one single solution. Do not hesitate to contact Peter to know how interVIEW can enhance your business.

  • Innovative's Sales Manager deals with customer relations, project management and project development, both in the public and in the private sectors. Contact Jens in order to get a demo of Innovative's Incident Management Solutions.

  • Patricia Trincado

    Marketing Consultant Contact Expert

    Innovative Business Software provides software for Alarm Receiving Centres and Public Safety authorities. Consult their Marketing Consultant, Patricia, on incident management solutions, alarm monitoring software, fleet management and video verification

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