Print and Apply Labelling of Kegs, Mail Order, Pallets & Beer Bottles

Logopak International Ltd

Since our conception as a company in 1978 and the market events that directed us into creating the technology of print & apply labelling in 1983, long before most of our competitors, print and apply labelling has now become an integral part of most modern production lines.

Logopak is the most experienced company in this field today and this experience has taken us to the very top of the print & apply labelling field with continued internal developments in machinery, RFID, integrated scanning, packaging solutions and associated software solutions.more

Logopak products are found in all areas of industry, including labelling for packaged products;

Case and Pack (SKU) Labelling

Print & apply labelling of cases, trays and packs (SKU's) has been one of Logopak's main areas of expertise for 20 years, having three ranges of machinery which allow labelling speeds of up to 100ppm on high speed bottling, canning lines and packaged products.

With integrated bar code scanning (SICK) and Logopak "Vigilance" software to help identify and check for bar code faults on-line, Logopak have proven experience in this area over 20 years.

Mail Order

High speed data transfer and fast "refresh rates" in Logopak's unique PLII and PLIII control software provide for real-time (1:1) print and apply labelling in mail order & address labelling applications.

Logopak 515 labellers are used today in many high speed mail order applications for top and side labelling of cartons and totes.

Pallet Labelling

Industrial A5 print & apply pallet labelling to GS1 standards has long been a main product of Logopak. Logopak are the only company who supply 99% of pallet labellers in steel enclosures with heating or pressurisation and operating trapdoors, in order to prevent dust & grit ingress.

With variants which can handle throughputs of over 240 pallets per hour, Logopak pallet labellers are the most industrial units available in the market place.

Keg and Cask Labelling

A wide range of keg & cask labellers has been part of Logopak's portfolio since 1994 when the first unit was produced for Scottish & Newcastle.

Since that time most of the major breweries in the UK and many of the minor ones have had very good experience of these.

Capable of printing and applying bar codes to kegs at over 1000 per hour Logopak industrial keg & cask labellers meet the highest throughputs.

RFID, Print and Apply Labelling

the facility to write / print & apply RFID EPC Class1 Gen 2 transponders at real-time speeds of 50 to 60 per minute Logopak have today the fastest print and apply labeller available for this type of application.

In addition with Tag-On-Demand, pallet labelling, Logopak's soultion to the use of only one transponder per pallet is unique in this industry.

Primary Products: Beer Bottle Labeling

Logopak's special engineering capabilities allow for many types of primary product labelling to be accomplished, including wooden planks, drums & reels of paper, reems of paper, contact lenses, tins of tea packets of tea bags, bottles of beer and many other packaged product types.

Logopak's experience in special engineering provides the highest quality solutions for primary product labelling.

Industrial print and apply labelling comes no better than Logopak.

Logopak are the most reliable labelling systems in the industry, with 25 years experience Logopak still differ from most of their competitors in that the manufacture of Logopak products is done by Logopak and not by others.

Logopak firmly believe that by designing & manufacturing their own product they have better control over quality and reliability. This translates into a better, more reliable product .

When purchasing equipment or software from Logopak, you are guaranteed expert advice and guidance in the selection and purchase of your solution.

Logopak has long been at the leading edge in the development of print & apply as a product, having produced our first print & apply labeller in 1983 for Polygram Records in London.

The skills and experience which we have built up in all aspects of the print & apply labelling machine and software are unsurpassed by anyone today.

At Logopak we ensure that the build quality of our machines far exceeds the criteria which todays end users demand and the longevity of our product surpasses anything else available in the market.less


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