Airport Simulation and Passenger Flow Simulation

Incontrol Enterprise Dynamics

Incontrol Enterprise Dynamics provides software solutions for airport simulation and quantitative analysis. Incontrol is combining her long time experience (since 1984) in simulation product development, her broad knowledge of the aviation market and its demands, and the knowledge of airport simulation objects from over 100 simulation models for airports, airlines, and handlers.

Samanta - Simulation Application for Modeling and Analysis of a Total Airportmore

There are few simulation products specialised in airport simulation. However, simulation has proven to be a successful technology to support decision-making in the airport industry and there is a big demand for it. Therefore, Incontrol has developed a suite of simulation based applications for airport simulation and capacity management called Samanta - Simulation Application for Modeling and ANalysis of a Total Airport.

Samanta enables airports to simulate passenger flows logistics, baggage handling, gate planning, aircraft handling, and airside road traffic processes.

Passenger Flow Simulation

When designing airport terminals, it is important that passengers are able to flow smoothly through the terminal. Not only because queuing as annoying, but also to increase the time to spend in airport shops and restaurants.

Samanta Paxsim is a passenger flow simulator for airport terminals, taking into account: domestic / international travel, shopping behavior, greeters, physical boundaries, different walking routes, and many more issues that are important to simulate real-life behavior. Paxsim has been developed in close cooperation with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Samanta Paxsim is available as an of the shelf simulation product. Incontrol can support the users by training, maintenance, model development and product development.less


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