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ILEE – Industrial Laser and Electronic Engineering – was founded in 1977 and built the first target laser for small arms in 1983. Ever since, I.L.E.E. Lasers have been successfully used under typical infantry conditions and are renowned for reliability and sturdiness. The success of our target systems and the continuous positive feedback from users is a sign of confidence in the quality and reliability of our products. This expertise enables us to offer a target designator for most small arms.more

I.L.E.E. is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Air Defence, Zurich.

We are committed to quality and are ISO9001:2008 certified. We conduct regular internal audits in addition to the regular verification audits of the Swiss quality agency SQS.

Firearms Laser Target Designators

I.L.E.E. specializes in the provision of laser target designators for firearms / guns. Modules supplied include laser and light systems, TwinBeam target laser systems, hybrid systems with red dot sight, and REM laser systems.

cFL Laser and Light System

For use in all circumstances and on any weapon, assault rifle to pistol, the cFL laser and light module combines a high power flashlight, visible and invisible laser and an IR illuminator in a single sturdy module. Small and light, with a substantial battery life, the system incorporates all options for tactical target designation.

TwinBeam Target Laser

The TwinBeam laser is a versatile tool specifically suited to the requirements of rapid deployment forces who need the right laser function at the right time, but can rarely predetermine what exactly this might be. The two independently adjustable inserts can be selected from a range of basic laser sources. I.L.E.E. also offer a hybrid system consisting of an Aimpoint MicroT1 red dot sight and a TwinBeam tactical laser, which makes it the ultimate tool to aim with ease and precision in any light or weather condition.

Laser Pistol Target Designators

I.L.E.E.'s laser pistols target designators with rails also meet the high demands on sturdiness and availability generally required by the professional user. Fitted with a visible or IR laser with a choice of wavelength and power setting to suit the user's particular needs they meet all operational criteria. The laser has a precise mechanism for fine X/Y adjustment and is attached to the pistol by an interlocked vibration-proof fixture specially developed for each type of pistol.

I.L.E.E. also manufacture laser systems, and laser and light modules specifically designed for Heckler & Koch Pistols, with purpose designed clamps to fit the closed rails of these weapons.

Long Range Target Designators

I.L.E.E. provide hand-carried long range laser target designators, for use in conjunction with night vision equipment, and especially suited to guiding troops from an elevated or airborne location. Variable output optics allow for an adjustable beam shape; therefore, once a target is identified, the beam can be narrowed, accurately pinpointing an exact position for the benefit of those on the ground.

They also manufacture a high-powered infrared designator for observation platforms, suitable for use in extreme conditions, as well as the Goliath High Power Designator for long range target designation and illumination, which is fitted with an IR CW or pulsed laser with an output power of up to 1W.

Tactical Firearm Lamps

PILA Tactical Flashlights

I.L.E.E. stock the outstanding PILA series of tactical firearm lamps and intelligent charging solutions, comprising three different sized lights ranging from 6 to 12 Volt LED or Xenon power, with an output power of up to 550 lumen.

A state-of-the-art reflector ensures a shadow-free and uniform illumination, and the tail-caps are available with a tactical switch, remote control switch or with a range of different coloured LED inserts. A suitable mount for Mil Std 1913 (Picatinny) rails is also available.

Also Available:

  • Infrared LED torches especially for Police use
  • Barrel Beam Bore Sighting Laser: To Align any Targeting Device to the Barrel Bore
  • Jula OEM Insert: For Integration into Designation Systems
  • Custom designed systems with infrared illuminator lasers up to 1000 mw and with wavelengths up to 900 nm
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