Contained Weigh and Dispense System

ILC Dover

Weigh and Dispense System: A new era in dispensing technology

Contained Weigh / Dispense System

This modular design is developed to allow weighing or subdividing materials in a highly contained way while maintaining weighing accuracy. The contained weigh and dispense system can be used for weighing and then directly charging into a process vessel or other equipment.


  • Modular design to meet specific process demands using proven containment and weighing technology
  • Improved ergonomics over hard wall isolators by utilizing the comfort of the flexible wall sys- tem Low capital cost to purchase and install
  • Disposable system for reduced cleaning, validation, and operational costs which also eliminate cross contamination issues
  • Accurate weighing system designed for the application and process typically to +/- 5 grams depending on scale capacity
  • Proven containment using the static or dynamic flexible isolator system to less than 1.0 ug/m3

Weighing Capability

  • Versatile design to use balance, load cell system or floor scale systems
  • Accurate weighing along with tare removal of packaging for new weight accuracy
  • Weighing accuracy is driven by the scale capability and the weights being handled

Drum Dispensing

  • The system is primarily designed to dispense from drums
  • Easily attach drums using the iLC Dover drum attachment ring technology
  • Standard design for drum diameters up to 23"
  • Drums can be completely or partially discharged and then removed from the system maintaining containment for subsequent discharging
  • iLC Dover Crimping system completes the safe and secure process
Contained Weigh and Dispense System

Static Flexible Isolator

  • Static Flexible Isolator
    This passive system is proven for high containment
  • Using our robust ArmorFlex® 113 flexible film, the integrity of the system is secure
  • Testing results consistently report an OeL below 1.0 ug/m3 TwA
  • Systems have been provided up to 200" long with no limit on size capacity

Dynamic Flexible Isolator

  • Designed with a fan and hePA filter system to provide an additional level of containment pro- tection while reducing the risk of any breach
  • Pressure control is maintained and monitored by PLC system
  • Breach control to sense and indicate a pressure drop while changing the operating parameters to maintain a negative pressure

Process Examples

  • Weigh and Dispense
    Dispense to DoverPac's for charging
  • Dispense to Continuous Liner
  • Subdivide drums of potent materials
  • Sampling from drums
  • Weigh and dispense directly to the process

Design Options

  • N2 inerting of the system
  • Low humidity control
  • Alternate transfer options including rTP units and transfer valves
  • Wash-in-place cleaning
  • Adjustable height base
  • Collapsible frame for storage


  • The Armorflex® family of films has been developed for the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry including FDA approval for product contact
  • The flexible isolator is manufactured from Armorflex® 113 film and is typically 10 mil thick. This robust material will resist against damage from typical use and is more functional than a hard wall type design
  • Armorflex® is developed to be resistant to most solvents, environmentally friendly for incineration with no chlorides, and has a 5-year shelf life
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