Contained Powder Transfer

ILC Dover

ILC Dover offer a broad range of solutions for contained powder transfer in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Popular solutions include the FlexiVac system for flexible pneumatic conveying with containment verified to <1.0 µg/m³ and the DoverPac powder transfer bag for cGMP charging and offloading in buffer and media preparation. The company offer a flexible Drum Transfer System together with continuous liners for safe transfer of drummed materials. They also supply contained, ventilated enclosure systems, process area barriers and respirators.

Contained Powder Transfer


Contained Powder Transfer: FlexiVac™

FlexiVac System

The FlexiVac™ contained powder transfer system can be supplied either as a complete turnkey solution with an integrated powder pump or as an add-on attachment for an existing powder pump. The system includes a disposable ArmorFlex® 113 flexible isolator offering a high level of containment whilst minimising the need for cleaning. The system includes bag-out sleeves for storage or spent liners and uses a CrimpLoc system for secure closure for the ArmorFlex sleeve.



DoverPac SF

The DoverPac SF is a flexible, disposable solution for contained powder transfer during media and buffer preparation. The DoverPac SF is made from robust, anti-static ArmorFlex® film and is available with capacities ranging from 5 to 100 liters and a choice of sanitary flanges.

Customised DoverPac™ systems are available to handle individual process requirements, along with turnkey solutions for the contained weighing of powders.

Drum Transfer System

Contained Drum Transfer System

ILC Dover's Drum Transfer System (DTS) features an outer drum sleeve, drum lifter and enclosure together with a drum stand and a mobile enclosure frame. The system provides OEB 5 containment throughout the transfer process. The adaptable DTS offers a modular solution for contained processing of drummed materials.

The system can be used for an extensive range of applications including milling, weighing and subdividing of materials, repackaging of powder products, and contained charging of process equipment.

Drum Transfer Liners

Drum Transfer Liners

ILC Dover's disposable Conical Transfer Sleeve and Drum Transfer Liner offer another GMP compliant solution for contained powder transfer. In order to enable the safe transfer of powders and other drummed materials, the liner is attached to the opened drum, pulled through a stainless steel cone and clamped into place. The drum is turned upside down and the clamp opened allowing powder to flow into the liner.

ILC Dover are global leaders in the supply of containment systems and enclosures. Contact ILC Dover today for additional information on contained powder transfer for pharmaceutical and bioPharmaceutical applications.

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