ArmorFlex 114 Antistat Containment Film

ILC Dover

ArmorFlex® 114 film incorporates a permanent antistat and meets FDA and EU food contact requirements and EP 3.1.3 test parameters

Antistat Contact Film

ILC Dover announced the introduction of a new permanent antistat contact film - ArmorFlex® 114. The rugged ArmorFlex® family of films has been the recognized gold standard for materials of contact within the pharmaceutical industry since 1997. ILC Dover’s ArmorFlex® 104 and ArmorFlex® 110 have been used by pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world in a wide range of API and highly hazardous containment applications. These films are integral to the company’s DoverPac® Containment Systems product line.

Antistat Containment FilmTo address emerging global food contact regulations ILC Dover is continually developing advanced film solutions to support its flexible, disposable containment systems. “ArmorFlex® 114 has resulted from extensive research and development and will provide another robust film choice for our pharmaceutical customers,” said Alan George, ILC Dover’s pharmaceutical product manager.

ArmorFlex® 114 meets food contact, operational safety, and EP 3.1.3 in one monolayer film with a permanent, integral antistat and without the addition of secondary surface printing or coatings.

ArmorFlex®114 Attributes:

  • Incorporates a permanent antistat
  • Has a food contact notification from the FDA
  • On the “Positive List” under 2002/72/EC and its amendments (including 2008/39/EC)
  • No animal derived ingredients
  • Meets all of the test parameters of EP 3.1.3
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