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Biometrics are literally understood as life measurement, such as hand print, iris, gait or fingerprints. These biological traits can be used as a form of identification for access control. Fingerprint scanning in particular is fast, effective and reliable, often used alone or alongside more traditional forms of security like cards, fobs and pins. ievo have specifically developed two forms of fingerprint readers; the ultimate and the micro. The ultimate has been specifically designed for harsh external or high volume internal use. Using a special fingerprint scanning technology, the ultimate will function exposed to rain, direct sunlight and freezing temperatures as well as with levels of substances present on the skin such as dirt, oil, grease, cream and powders.more

Biometric Fingerprint Readers

The internal only solution, the micro is small, fast and effective, making it the perfect option for offices, apartments or commercial properties. The micro will work even with levels of cream or powder on the skin. It's mullion mountable therefore it will not stand out from its surroundings.Both biometric access readers are integrated into Paxton, Nortech, ACT, BSB, CDVI, Inner Range and PAC. With many of these integration options, users can benefit from seamlessly embedded access control, meaning only one software platform needs to be managed as opposed to two. In addition, you may not need to replace your existing security system.The ievo readers are also the only fully customisable and fully serviceable fingerprint solution through the ievo custom kit range. This means that you can effectively create your own biometric fingerprint reader. Each modular component can be build onto the ievo control board, for instance wi-fi, card integration, increased template capacity and Power over Ethernet among others. If any elements were vandalised, damaged or in need of repair, you would only have to replace individual components as opposed to an entire system. You can request a demonstration of the ievo readers and the custom kit by clicking get ievo or if you would like to watch the test videos of the products in action you can do so by visiting the ievo YouTube pageless


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