Engaging reward and incentive travel experiences

7 Tips to get the most from your Reward and Incentive Travel

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Enhancing the customer experience is pivotal in intensifying the relationship between your customer and your brand. Why should employees, therefore, be treated any different. Incentive travel is a tangible opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate, the importance of customer experience and to keep your employees truly engaged.

To ensure that you maximise the return on investment for your Organisation’s Incentive Travel, here are 7 tips to get the most from your Incentive Travel:

  • If you are using an Incentive Travel service provider, ensure they take time to truly understand your organisation’s business, mission, vision, values and it’s people
  • Ensure your Incentive Travel evokes emotion by having interactive and engaging activities that dazzles their senses, touches their hearts, and stimulates their minds
  • Create an incentive travel itinerary that delivers opportunities for natural and true organic team bonding experiences
  • See to it, that your Incentive Travel programme will be a positive employee experience for All
  • Develop and organise part(s) of the Incentive Travel itinerary to deliver appropriate customer service experiences that will resonate and connect with the employees and their respective roles within the organisation
  • Formulate your Incentive Travel options with the mindset of achieving the desired outcomes of increasing employee motivation, productivity and engagement levels
  • Present your team with several exciting Incentive Travel options for your employees to choose from. Therefore, your employees become fully engaged in their incentive travel programme and are driven to exceed their organisational performance targets



To ensure we deliver an exceptional service for our guests and enhance the ‘Guest Experience’ our team members play a vital role in meeting Butlin’s customer service, operational and financial targets.

Incentive Travel, therefore, plays a critical role, not only as an incentive to drive performance but as a company; we reap the benefits after the Incentive has finished, in terms of improved motivation, staff morale and employee engagement.

The trip to Kenya was sensational, a valuable experience for all. How many incentives turn out to be ‘life changing’ for so many of our team members!

A couple of years on, after the incentive, when we meet up, see or pass each other; there’s a special connection, a bond. When our eyes glance at each other, just for one brief moment, time seems to stand still. ‘What an experience! We made a difference! Life changing!’

Darren Woolfenden, Butlin’s


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