Where Luxury meets Power, the new armored Lexus LX570. The Lexus LX 570 offers a wealth of intelligent technology and advanced safety features, luxurious seating for eight, and unsurpassed freedom on or off road – melding boundless performance with uncompromising refinement.  Even though luxury SUVs are usually armored to the CEN B6 / NIJ III level, IAG is capable of building the Lexus LX570 up to CEN B7 level of protection. This is one of the few luxury SUVs that has the capability to carry the added weight of the B7 up-armor.  With our specialized skills in suspension, brake and tire upgrades, our clients have all found our upgrades to offer the same level of comfort as they would expect from a factory car, with minimal loss in handling and performance.

IAG also offers the armored Lexus LX570 in a stretch limousine version with high-end custom made interior.

Specifications :

  • LEVEL OF PROTECTION - Up to CEN B6, CEN B7, NIJ level III, NIJ level IV
  • ENGINE - 5.7L V8 Petrol (383hp/403lb-ft)
  • TRANSMISSION - 6-spd Automatic
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