IAG is the first armoring company in the world to produce certified ballistic glass and frame systems in-house under the name Transparent Armor Systems (TAS), allowing the armor design to be fully vertically integrated and optimized for the highest level of protection. 

With 60 years of combined experience in armor engineering and design, we understand the challenges faced by our clients and have developed many unique and effective solutions for defense, automotive and architectural applications. The ability to produce fully certified ballistic glass in-house allows IAG to reduce the typical 6-8 week lead time for ballistic glass from third party manufacturers and deliver armored vehicles a lot quicker. Additionally, any fitment issues are eliminated by having IAG design and produce both the transparent and the opaque armor for each vehicle ensuring perfect balance between discrete appearance and optimal protection.

Our production facilities house state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, enabling our engineers and skilled production personnel to produce ballistic & blast resistant glass complying with all internationally recognized standard range from level CEN BR4 to CEN B7 level and STANAG 1 to STANAG 4 protection and is certified by Beschussamt Mellrichstadt.

TAS Defense Products also include:

  • TAS Edge Seal
  • TAS UV Protect
  • TAS Advanced Light Weight
  • Extreme temperature ranges
  • Frames
  • Gun ports
  • Speak thru

We are capable of extending our bullet resistant glass and frame system products for the marine and shipping industry. With a substantial rise in naval disturbances for commercial liners today, we have begun designing and production of  durable, long-lasting weather resistant transparent protection solutions for civilian boats, commercial liners, patrol vessels, and a range of other marine crafts globally.


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