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Human Recognition Systems

Drowning in Airport ID Pass Applications? Tired of the constant rejections? Aren’t we all...

Here at HRS, we feel your (and the larger Airport community’s pain) and what's more, we are doing something about it...


Introducing MTrust, a revolutionary Airport ID Pass Application vetting and issuance solution, hosted in the Cloud. Now live with Gatwick Airport (with two major UK airports to go live later this month) with over 11,000 applications approved for all types of airport pass - airside and landside passes, both full and temporary passes, vehicle passess too - all within just 3 months of launch.

So what?

MTrust is the only pass application management solution that has been designed to make life easier for airports and authorised signatories in equal measures:

  1. Improved efficiency - near zero rejection rates
  2. New capabilities - application workflow with full visibility, pass re-submission without repeat entries
  3. Faster, better service - faster pass turnaround, in-built billing and payments, alerts and notifications keeping everyone informed

Tell me more...

Gone are the days of slaving away over all of your host Airports' completely different paper forms, just to find a week later, with no warning, that the postman has delivered it right back to your door after it has been rejected. MTrust’s built in checking tool automatically tests your submission for administrative errors (Think doing your Tesco shopping but trying to order without a credit card number) meaning:

  • No more rejections from a forgotten signature or wrong colour pen, in fact 99% less rejections for all – Hooray!
  • Total visibility of your pass applications, so no more time spent on hold waiting for an update
  • Passes issued in just one week
  • Once you have filled in your employee’s profile, you can create online applications for each different Airport using MTrust at the touch of a button. The system will sort the data and check against the each Airport's rules and regulations so you don’t have to. Easy peasy.

Not only that but you can track an application through each stage of the process.

You’re in good company

Used by over 2500 Authorised Signatories from over 800 Airport businesses you are in great company. Here’s what your fellow AuthSigs are saying:

"This should be available in all UK Airports" Authorised Signatory @ Airline Services

"It's such a great system with a much quicker turnaround, 3 days from submit to approval including a query, I'm very impressed!" Authorised Signatory @ Gatwick Airport

Using MTrust, pass applications are turned round on average 35% quicker, getting your employees onsite and at worker faster than ever before, all with less rework and form filling for you.

The question now is, what are you going to with all this extra time?

Are your Host Airports using MTrust yet? 

If not send them here and we will give a personal consultation on how MTrust can transform their pass process for both the benefit of the whole community.

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