Metal Packaging for Paints and Coatings – Intelligent Packaging Solutions

Huber Packaging Group

HUBER Packaging Group's business line PAINT provides high quality and intelligent packaging solutions for paints, coatings, wood preservatives and for printing inks.

Metal Packaging for Paints and Coatings Containers in all Conventional Sizes and Variations

Tinplate is exceptionally well suited as a packaging material for the above mentioned products because it is impervious to light, gas and diffusion. Furthermore it is resistant to different temperatures.

We produce containers in all conventional sizes and variations. The containers can be equipped with the features you require for your product. Many of our containers are available as design-certified packaging for road, rail and sea transport.

  • Lever lid cans 0,1 to 3 litres

  • Lever lid pails 2 to 10 litres

  • Plug lid pails from 2.5 to 30 litres

  • Hobbocks from 12 to 30 litres

  • Canisters from 0,5 to 30 litres

Special Packaging Solutions for Paints:Lever Lid Pails from HUBER



Our OptiCan is the space-saving, new generation of lever lid pails from HUBER. The patented container which eliminates the ball ears on the sides, leaves much more space on the shelf.



RaRi Cans and Pails are equipped with a very slim, virtually rimless ring.


RaRi cans and pails are equipped with a very slim, virtually rimless ring (the "RaRi"). The special 5 litre RaRi pails are conically shaped and are supplied stacked inside one another to save space.


Conicav® Vacuum Printing Ink CansConicav® Vacuum Printing Ink Cans
We are the market leader in printing ink cans. Our brand product conivac® is a deep-drawn conical vacuum printing ink can made of chrome-plated steel. Due to the deep drawing process the inside of conivac® printing ink cans is completely smooth, without bottom folds or side seams. We offer them in two sizes – 1 kg and 2.5 kg.


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