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HUBER Packaging Group's food packaging protects high quality foodstuffs, enables them to be stored for long periods and presents them in a way that is sure to promote their sale.


Reliable Tinplate Packaging Metal Packaging for Foods

Our packaging solutions satisfy the strictest transportation requirements in all modes of transport, and for the most varied of contents.

Our food packaging is excellently suited for filling an enormous range of foodstuffs.
We are specialised in:


Seamed-Lid Cans and Canister Packaging

We are the leading packaging specialist in high-quality packaging for cheese in brine. Our seamed-lid cans and cheese canisters can be seamed securely and efficiently.

 Cooking Oil Containers


Tinplate Cooking Oil Containers

Seamed-lid cans, drums, canisters and bottles (made of tinplate) are absolutely light-proof and gas-proof, and so they protect valuable cooking oils safely for long periods.

 Cooking Fat PailsTransport and Storage Cooking Fat Pails

Conical pails are suited for cooking fats, deep frying fats and deep frying oil. As well as our material’s proven abilities in transport and storage, our tin containers are heat-resistant, that means used fats and oils can be poured back safely and easily for recycling.




Tinplate packaging is your easy way of product marketing. The containers can be printed in photo quality and will speak for themselves. Take advantage of this method and make your product stand out on the shelves from your competitors – whether in the delicatessen, at the discounter’s, or at the wholesale market.

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