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RF Jammers and RF Jammer signals used to counter IED threats, Cellular Jammers and Cellular Jammer signals used to jam mobile phones, Cellular Detectors with active and reactive cell phone detection protocols, and GSM Cellular Interceptors are solutions we build and offer.

Our RF Jamming program began in 1979 with the Bomb Ranger ECM Electronic Countermeasures and now includes Bomb Jammers, Cell Phone Jammers, Prison Jamming and RCIED Jamming Solutions. Our Cellular Monitoring GSM Interceptors for A5.1, CDMA Interception, 3G Intercept, are proprietary. Our cellular detectors, cell phone detector equipment, and signal analyzers make up our Electronic CounterMeasures.more

RF Jammers

RF Jammers and RF Jammer technologies that counter IED threats are not to be confused with Cellular Jammers and Cellular Jammer technologies. Our RF Jammers have been nicknamed as Brute Force Jammers by the US Navy and are full time Barrage Jammers. We build the BombJammer ™ line to counter RCIED threats – see bombjammer.com and build alternate RF Jammers for communication jamming. Our RF Jammers can distribute the proper amount of electromagnetic interference to overpower the radio detonator of a remotely activated IED.

Our RF Jammer technologies can defeat the whole spectrum of threats including Cellular Phone IEDs, Satellite Phone IEDs, Radio IEDs in VHF, UHF, and other known and unknown threats faced by protective forces in today’s uncertain environments. RF Jammer deployment involves RF Jammers configured and designed to combat radio controlled IED threats with precision RF jamming interference.

Cellular Jammers

Our Cellular Jammers operate under different principles than our RF Jammers, wherein cellular jammer hardware is designed for Police and SWAT applications to prevent criminals from communicating with one another.

Although our Cellular Jammers can counter some IED threats such as Cellular IEDs, we indoctrinate upon the differences between Cell Phone Jammers and Bomb Jammers. We teach organizations, EOD and Bomb Technicians, and Force Protection Groups how to effectively neutralize Radio Controlled IED triggers during VIP motorcade transport, convoy security, checkpoint and roadside bomb threats, and stationary RF Jamming scenarios through our Countering RCIED Certification Course and our Global Training Services.

We also teach Police and SWAT teams how to deploy our Cellular Jammers for maximum performance. Cell Phone Jammers in the hands of professional Law Enforcement can produce the best results every time, see secintel.com.

Cell Phone Jammers

Cell Phone Jammers used in our Prison Jamming technology involve the customized production and deployment of Cellular Jammer hardware. Most of our clients come to us for our Prison Jammer approach because we survey before we install. Our Cellular Phone Jammers are designed for each location they are placed in.


Because of our unique process, our Cellular Jammers work in cohesion with one another, aiding in the prevention of cellular communications in secure government facilities, prisons, military bases, and office buildings. A survey of the land and environment is required before a proper solution is proposed, see prisonjammer.com.

Cellular Detectors

 Cellular Detectors are also used in our Prison Jammer configurations. Through our unique Controller Area Network, our Cellular Detectors can automatically detect and alert a manager in charge of a Penitentiary, Research Center, Secure Facility, Diplomatic Embassy / Consulate, as well as Military operations command.


All of our Cellular Detectors can operate in conjunction with our RF Jammers in a symbiotic partnership. Each Cellular Detector can detect a communication link, signal an alarm to the Control Area Network, and then execute a manual or automated response from an RF Jammer in the vicinity.

GSM Interceptors

GSM Interceptors for A5.1, CDMA Interception, 3G Intercept, and other Cellular Monitoring systems are part of our COMINT solutions. With our Mobile Intercept for GSM, an off-the-air solution can be implemented for specific regions and countries without leaving a digital foot print behind. This minimally invasive Cellular Interceptor boasts no intrusion characteristics. As far as the caller is aware, there is no one listening. 

Our GSM Interceptors operate in real time mobile interception mode, with no 5 minute, 60 second, or 30 second delay. With our Real Time decipher, the operator can listen and record suspected criminal conversations, archive them as evidence, and act upon LIVE intelligence, see cellularintercept.com.less


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