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HF Pest and Bird Control a company based in Tonbridge, Kent, is run by Nick Robertson and was formed in 2007. Nick has a team of highly trained staff, who are able to solve any pest problems including mammal, bird and insect.

With 17 years experience, HF Pest & Bird Control pride themselves on the basis they cover the full range of bird, mammal and insect pest control, without the need to hire subcontractors.more

HF Pest & Bird Control can guarantee the expertise and quality of work that you, as a customer will receive.

With International coverage, HF Pest & Bird Control has helped countless businesses and commercial premisis with lasting solutions to their pest problems, using intergrated pest management techniques.

Our core service is live predatory response to pigeons and gull populations. We are effectively able to control a population by breaking down the nesting cycle.

Falcon Bird Control

Birds are intelligent animals and quickly adapt to new environments. It doesn’t take long for them to learn that sonic and bio-acoustic pest control devices are no danger. These are often dubbed “one off” solution but in reality are ineffective in the long term scheme of things. Using birds of prey in a pest birds environment creates a no fly zone, as the predator birds are associated with danger. In normal circumstances a predator bird only needs to be on site as little as once a week. But each site hold its own problem, so please ask for more information. The most important thing about falcon bird control, is that it only used as a deterrent, and we implicate a strict no kill policy within ourselves.

Flock Management

Flock management is achieved by means of lethal and non-lethal bird control methods. Lethal Bird Control Methods include shooting, trapping and live hunting with predator birds. These methods are designed to lower flock numbers instantly but longer term treatment needs to implicated otherwise the flock will just reproduce to survive.

Non-lethal Bird Control Methods include Falcon Bird Control. This method is used to break the nesting cycles of pest birds. Using a live predator will create an unsafe environment for the female pest birds to nest. Sites will be under intense regimes when it comes to flock management, with a falconer on site at all times.

Anti Roosting Spikes

Pest birds instincts are to be high, this allows them to see their chosen food source easily and spot predators easily. This usually is the highest point of buildings. This can create build up of fouling on ledges and down the sides of buildings, resulting in high maintenance costs, let alone the Health and Hygiene risks. Taking away the landing platform, by fitting anti roost spikes, will eliminate the roosting site. Moving the birds on! Anti roost spikes, appear invisible and are a highly effective way to stop roosting pigeons/gulls on most ledges.

Bird Deterrent Netting

Installations of nets, is a very effective way of stopping birds gaining access to areas. Ideally nets are installed to protect certain areas or section off areas to reduce costs of maintenance. Bird deterrent netting can be used against most species of birds including starlings, pigeons, gulls and larger birds. Using a bird netting specialist allows you to have maximum product life, the correct netting is installed for the job, and the aesthetics of areas are protected properly. All our staff are trained on access equipment to the correct standards so most areas are accessible!less


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