RFID Employee Tracking Appliance

What is the employee tracking systemFirst of all, lets understand what a employee tracking system is. It is a system that is used to keep record of time resources and office location information of the employees in an organization. It uses wireless technology for tracking and so don’t need to be in direct line of sight for scanning. Because of this, locating the employees and keeping track of their time becomes very easy for employees with the help of the Radio Frequency(RFID) employee tracking system.

Importance of employee tracking system

The main purpose of employee tracking is to make sure that the employee goals align with the business. It gives the ability to keep measure of  worker’s efficiency and improve the overall productivity of the business.

How Radio Frequency (RFID) employee tracking devices workWith the help of Radio Frequency(RFID) employee tracking system, you can monitor employees in the real time, analyze their movement and ensure their safety. The system consists of three components:

Tracking software known as HexaRTLSBadges given to your employees to wear during working hours, called HexaHash RFID badgesReading machines installed at organization’s strategic points like exit and entry gates. We use  IMPINJ RFID readers for our tracking system


Features of RFID based Employee Tracking System:

Locate employees/visitors from long distance

Provide real-time employee location information, visibility and tracking

Enforce company-specific, business-specific rules

Instantly locate a worker for assistance, safety and security ,

Track hours

Create dashboard views and personalized reports

Low cost among any other RTLS system in the world

Supplement Access control systems in our organization

Setup automated alerts notifications

Create Geo-fences & alert if workers enter a hazardous area

Attach to Assets Management System and Tools Tracking System in a single RTLS system

Record history of personnel moving in and around your premises/work areas

For More information, Please visit http://hexahash.com/2167-2/

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