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Herti is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum ROPP closures in Europe. Aluminum closures represent the modern way of closing bottles and are a major part of the branding and visual impact. Herti offers a wide range of closure sizes with innovative design and numerous decoration options. Herti’s experts develop innovative ideas, corresponding to the company slogan “Your brand tomorrow is our business today”.  more

The management is committed to quality and highest standards to satisfy its customers: leading world producers of different types of wines and spirits, mineral water, juices, olive oil and pharmaceutical products. The Company is certified by ISO 9001-2015 and by BRC/IOP.

The management explores new opportunities and uses latest technologies to be in compliance with the highest quality standards of the market. Herti is a member of SEDEX, CETIE and Closures Group and actively distributes its products through its subsidiaries in The UK, France, Germany, United States and Romania.

Last year Herti registered the trade mark “Vinstar” for the wine closures it produces.  Under this mark it offers three kinds of aluminum closures amongst which is “Vinstar Smart”- an innovative product with a special PVC free gasket, suitable for still and fizz wines.

Working in the field of aluminum and plastics the company combined these materials and developed successful composite closures, some of which are patented.  Very popular is the composite closure GPI. It has an aluminum shell over the plastic part and  elegant design which gives the bottle a premium brand image. The closures are suitable for glass and pet bottles and find application for alcoholic beverages as well as pharmaceutical products.

From the beginning of 2015 Herti launched a new composite closure, called “Dorado”, suitable for ozone treated, sensible waters and pasteurization processing. The 28x15 mm aluminum closure with a PVC-free liner and a safety plastic ring is designed for capping mineral waters in glass bottles.

HSC – Herti Standard Closures

Herti Standard Closures are used for bottling spirits, wine, carbonated and still water, juices, olive oil, pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products.

HDDC – Herti Deep Drawn Closures

Herti Deep Drawn Closures are used for bottling spirits on high-speed bottling lines and ensure perfect bottle closing. The variety of colors and forms satisfies the preferences of each client. Herti provides modification of the closures according to the specific type of bottle.

HXLC – Herti Extra Long Closures

Herti Extra Long Closures are provided for bottling wines and spirits. They are especially suitable for wines as they prevent oxidation in the bottle and thus assure the good preservation of the wine in all stages of its maturing process. Closures are provided with different types of liners according to the customers‘ preferences –  Saranex or Tin, which in contact with the wine do not allow any change in the taste characteristics.

HWDC (Herti Wine Designed Closures)

“Vinstar” is the trademark for aluminum wine closures produced by Herti. Following the world trend for bottling wine with aluminum screw caps, Herti invests in innovative products to meet the requirements of wine producers. Herti offers:

  • Vinstar Smart
  • Vinstar De Luxe
  • Vinstar Standard

HPC – Plastic closures (Herti Plastic Closures)

Area of application:

  • Mineral water in different volumes of packaging
  • Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks
  • Foodstuffs – oil, vinegar
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Spirits
  • Wine

The raw materials used in the manufacturing process have organoleptic characteristics and guaranteed origin complying with EU directives.

HCSC - Herti Composite Safety Closures

Successful combination of plastic and aluminium components intended for:

  • Spirits
  • Wine

HPA – Plastic Articles (Herti Plastic Articles) :

  • Handles for bottles
  • Olive Oil pourer liners for olive oil
  • Non-refillable Pourers for spirits



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