Naval Tactical Training Solutions

New Naval Tactical Trainer for the Israeli Navy

Naval Tactical Training Solutions

Over the Last three years HarTech Technologies has been developing and delivering its Naval Tactical Training Solutions to the Israeli Navy.

Through a multi-year-multi-phase project, HarTech Technologies has already delivered Several Tactical Training Facilities to the Israeli Navy and is continuing the delivery of additional shore-based and Onboard ship training solutions.

The training facilities provided enable multi-level training ranging from individual operator training, sub-team and team training, through a Complete Naval Tactical Trainer (NTT) and a high level Naval Wargaming System. The training facilities provide training for system Operators, Naval Officers, Ship, Squadron, and Flotilla Commanders as well as the whole Navy headquarter up to the Chief of Navy.

Naval Tactical Trainer PlaqueIn the delivery of the Training Center HarTech technologies provided and integrated a centralized simulation center providing scenario animation for different distributed training solutions, in addition an advanced VoIP and RoIP simulation system has been integrated in order to support simulated radio communication between the trainees.

Throughout the project HarTech Technologies is providing Training support with a team of dedicated qualified instructors and technicians supporting the daily operations and maintenance of the training systems.

All the solutions provided are based on HarTech's leading COTS simulation framework the Simax Smart Scenario Generator.

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