HarTech Technologies Releases Simax – The Smart Scenario Generator (SSG) Version 4.0

Hartech Technologies

HarTech Technologies LTD has released version 4.0 of its advanced Smart Scenario Generator (SSG) known as Simax. The new version presents new capabilities and features enhancing and enriching the simulated arena on the one hand and improving the development environment by enabling even simpler system configuration on deployment and easier management of Simulation Agents as DLLs.

As usual the Simax-SSG makes use of the newly released Generic Blackboard (GBB) Development Framework version 4.0 released last week.

Tactical Trainer

Smart Scenario Generator - Tactical Trainer

SSG's SMCS - Showing an army blue force
advancing towards a site as part of an army
commanders trainer

Over the last six months the SSG has continued to improve its market stand and catches yet a bigger share of the simulation development market. Lately the SSG has been selected for the following types of projects:

  • Naval Tactical Trainer – An advance system developer and user has selected the SSG development framework to provide the complete synthetic environment for a complete tactical Training Center (TTC). The TTC will be fully developed by the customer who will make use of the SSG’s synthetic environment.
  • UAV Embedded Trainer – The SSG has been selected by a leading Israeli system integrator to provide embedded training capability in a UAV Ground Control Station (GCS). The SSG is mainly used to provide for the tactical environment simulation and to cater for the After Action Review.
  • Network Centric Command and Control System demonstrator - The SSG has been selected to provide the simulation framework for a large scale Network Centric Command and Control System demonstrator. The unique capabilities of the SSG enabling the simulation of a large arena with high fidelity Air, Land and Sea platforms fully simulated with all of their sensors enabled a quick integration where the SSG has been used to drive and generate the synthetic arena inclusive of all relevant sensor detections and Datalink networks.

Military Training, Testing and Evaluation

Smart Scenario Generator - Used for military training, testing and evaluation applications

SSG's Behaviour Editor

These new selection of the SSG are in addition to the continuing use of the SSG by other large System Integrators (SI) for multiple projects including:

  • Ground force C2 test bed – Supporting the simulation of more then individual 30,000 crafts each with its own sensors, logistics consumption, Datalink and more.
  • Large scale maritime wargame – Simulating a large maritime arena including ASuW, ASW, Surface to Air, Air to Surface warfare including the simulation of land based assets.
  • Nation wide maritime C2 integration laboratory – Supporting the integration and demonstration of a network centric nationwide command and control system embedding Decision Support capabilities together with advanced picture compilation algorithms
  • UAV trainer – A dedicated high fidelity UAV trainer
  • Long Range Air Defense Missile System integration laboratory – supporting the simulation of a complex air and maritime environment simulating all aspect of the arena and integrating real time hardware and combat systems.
  • Conceptual laboratory for Force buildup evaluation – The SSG is used to evaluate different force buildup alternatives and select the optimal systems to be procured.

The SSG was selected due to its modular design ease of integration and unique simulation capabilities which enabled the seamless integration of the SSG to the customers environment.

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