HarTech Technologies Releases Version 4.0 of the Generic Blackboard (GBB) Development Framework

Hartech Technologies

HarTech Technologies LTD has released version 4.0 of the Generic Blackboard (GBB) Development Framework. The GBB Development Framework enables developers to implement Distributed Multi Agent Systems (DMAS) and applications without the need to cater and devote effort for all the “troubling” issues of Data sharing and Distribution, Agent activation, Intersystem messaging, Multi threading and Multi-process activation.

Generic Blackboard Development Framework

Generic Blackboard Development Framework Version 4.0

The main new features of version 4.0 of the GBB Development Framework include:

Improved application editing – The revised GBBApplicationEditor enables the developers to conduct all of the system configuration via an external GUI based editor with no need to do any coding.

The new GBBApplicationEditor enables the developer to define the specific Processes and Agents (activated in each process) that will be executed on each of the application nodes, with no need for any system compilation.

This highly enhances the flexibility and modularity of the system and an application may be configured with no need of any system compilation or linking.

Generic Blackboard (GBB) Development Framework

Dynamic load of Application Agents as DLLs – Unlike in the previous versions where Agents needed to be compiled/linked into processes at the development stage by a developer. The new version enables the Agents to be defined as DLLs and to be loaded dynamically thus enhancing the system’s flexibility, modularity and scalability.

Performance Improvement – The core of the GBB Application Framework in runtime is the creation of a partial reflected shared memory which serves as the main data repository of the Agents Interactions. The new version highly improves the memory reflection and synchronization effort thus highly improving the system’s performance.

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