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Expert command and control systems, featuring simulation and infrastructure technologies

Through their development of advanced command and control systems, Hartech have placed particular emphasis on modular design. Their innovative Core C3I engine delivers Command and control systems for Land, Naval, Air and even Special Forces at home and abroad. This unique modular architecture enables quick delivery of systems which are tailored for the customer's specific needs and easily integrate any repository of sensors.

In order to comprehend the battlefield it is essential that all information supplied to commanding officers is accurate, coherent, timely and up to date. The key application being that this information will be used to make critical life or death decisions about the actions of military units, whether this be large scale strategic operations at sea or more tactical special operations on land. Whatever the mission, Hartech offer the industry's most flexible and robust C3I platform to support your of intelligence gathering operations, picture compilation, situation assessment, and decision making process.

Command and Control System

The key to Hartech's system design is modular implementation, providing the combination command, control and intelligence tools in one easy to use package. The Core C3I Engine drives system process and informs operations, providing for commanding officers:

  • Fast acting application development
  • Powerful Distributed Multi-Agent system architecture
  • Object distribution and management, such as: Targets, Plots, Assessment, as well as platform, ships, and aircraft
  • Geometric library covering History Path Generation, Motion estimation and Analysis
  • Multiple sensors for advanced Data Correlation and Fusion
  • Record and replay capabilities
  • Quick GUI implementation based on your existing infrastructure

Command and Control System

Hartech's solution is operationally proven throughout the industry and its end customers. Based on the continuing success of the C3I engine in multiple scenarios, the product is rapidly becoming the command and control system of choice for global militaries.

Hartech Military ApplicationsHartech GUI Interface

The architecture of Hartech's C3I engine is a powerful Distributed Multi Agent System, using a unique high performing core, the Generic Blackboard (HarTech's "GBB"), which enables superior object distribution, object management, recording, replay and other essential functionality. The unique core creates a near real time cloud optimally using the computational assets available in the system. The robust nature of the platforms has been designed to support Microsoft Visual Studio and enable the straightforward development of the high spec distributed systems.

The supporting geometric libraries and the integrated Maplink Pro GIS Package allow users to clearly see objects in brilliantly detailed 2D maps and 3D computer generated landscapes, as well as the current and historic movement of these objects. The clear interface enables users to make better informed decisions at a glance, using visual aids, saving time and provides enhanced analysis of battlefield situations. The record and replay functionality of the system allows users to review command scenarios, providing valuable training tools and the base for post mission evaluation reports.

Command and Control SoftwareCommand and Control Mapping

Multiple sensor information can be input into the command and control system, proving a one stop intelligence platform for your mission preparation, tactical analysis and execution. Information such as object type, its capabilities, operating range and type of terrain can all be fed into Hartech Systems to create the best possible impression of the battlefield.

In addition to the situation assessment and visualization capabilities the system can be easily integrate with an embedded simulation system the Simax Smar Scenario Generator (SSG) to enable realistic tactical training in all operational environments, thus supporting mission rehearsal, capability building and day to day training.

Hartech provide their services through the complete lifespan of the system. The company will support you from the outset to include product specification, system design, development, project delivery, system integration, getting the product up and running and continued maintenance. With over 20 years in the business, their expertise is recognised the world over and their products are currently in use by the Israeli Defence Force.

For more information on how to make Hartech part of your command and control systems, enquire below for a quote or consultation.

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