HarTech Fully Deployed and Operationalized an EEZ Monitoring and Control System

EEZ Monitoring and Control System

HarTech Technologies LTD has fully deployed and operationalized an EEZ Monitoring and Controlling System. The solution is an extension of HarTech's advanced Coastal surveillance solution which integrates Satellite Surveillance together with terrestrial Coastal surveillance as well as maritime patrolling assets.

EEZ Monitoring Command and Control System

The fully integrated solution highly extends the traditional Coastal surveillance solution by integrating long range satellite surveillance extending the detection ranges far beyond the horizon thus providing full coverage of the EEZ.

The advance EEZ Monitoring Command and Control System integrates multiple technologies highly improving the operational throughput to the users. These include:

  • Integration of Near Real Time Satellite Surveillance with Terrestrial Sensors
  • Multi Sensor multi data correlation
  • Advance behavior analysis
  • Configurable alert generation
  • Integration of Open Source Intelligence
Maneuver Alert GenerationShip-to-Ship Goods Transfer
          Maneuver Alert Generation              Ship to Ship Goods Transfer     

The system's unique Graphical User Interface presents a clear maritime situation picture over the whole EEZ providing a clear display of all automatic generated alerts of abnormal and suspected behaviors. As a result the operator can clearly comprehend the situation and access all relevant information directly via the system's User Interface.

EEZ Monitoring and Control System

The Command and Control system is in full operation with more than one customer, has been used since June 2014 and since then has managed to: reduce maritime piracy, detect smuggling activities and fight illegal fishing activities.

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