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Hard Shell

Protecting people who ensure our security has always been on the top priority. In the past too, the armies marching to annex neighboring or alien territories or ones defending against aggressors proudly donned the protective suits, made of various materials – starting from animal hide in the primitive times to the metaled clothing in the medieval times. But, the things, since then, have undergone  a drastic change, as the swords, lancers and arrows have been superseded by fast travelling bullets and projectiles.more


With the change in the ammunition, the battle strategies have also largely changed. Now, the knights have been replaced by the modern warrior who carries weapons that are increasingly lethal, and a hit of ammo fired from these weapons can deliver serious and impairing, and sometimes fatal impact. This makes it very essential to  ensure necessary protection for the soldiers by providing them with the state of the art Body Armor that matches contemporary requirements.


The modern warfare concept also has made it mandatory to define adequate standards and para meters for the Body Armor used by the Military – that ensures protection from projectiles, flying fragments and other threats. Today, an individual soldier is a moving store of ammunition, ration – food and water, and other assortment of necessary equipment.


On top of that, the weight of the protective clothing can also put undue pressure on the personnel, thereby reducing their mobility. This makes it imperative to design and engineer the Military Body Armor with such material that is not only strong enough to guarantee superior  ballistic protection but also does not compromise on the mobility.


The conditions in battle field are extremely dangerous. While the soldiers and infantry moving in an armored personnel carrier are relatively safe from explosive IEDs and other explosives, they are increasingly vulnerable to the small and heavy ammunition fire when they charge in the open. Anything less that adequate protection can risk their lives, and expose them to fatalities. Adequately designed Military Body  Armor – nowadays designed with superior fabrics like Kevlar & other aramid fabrics.


The protective suits and gear cannot be avoided under any conditions – it can make a lot of difference.less


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